Jackson hunt – The Verge

Jackson hunt – The Verge

Jackson first laid his fingers on the black keys at the tender age of five after watching David Lanz perform. He took classical piano until the age of 12 when he ventured off into the world of jazz, gospel, and music composition. It was shortly after that at age 13 that he wrote his first song “Steve made a Funnie” for his middle school pseudo band called “Way out of Whack”. Taking his music to the next level, he entered the Missouri State University music program in 2005, where he double majored in Piano Performance and Vocal Education. Unlike his colleagues Jackson would spend his time writing music and banging out new melodies in the practicing rooms instead of practicing. He soon found himself a repertoire of songs that lead to the start of his early college solo career. As a college freshman he made a four song demo with successful Songwriter & artist Sean Lea. He started playing around Springfield Missouri at local coffee shops, music festivals, and the various campuses. It was before long that he became strong presence in the music community. This eventually lead to forming a band to support his music and touring the Midwest. In 2008 Jackson and drummer, Nathan Langford set out to produce his first full length album alongside fellow producer Sean Lea. This album took three years to complete, but could not have come at a better time.
Before dropping the record, Jackson and Nathan decided to form their own music production team and take their musical aspirations to Los Angeles, to work in the music industry. Since moving Jackson has worked as songwriter notable productions teams as the Jackie Boyz, & The Messengers. He is now spending his time co-writing, producing in Los Angeles with his partner Nathan Langford and many Grammy winning songwriters/producers. Since dropping his first album “the Verge” Jackson has performed in San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles including the The Roxy, Viper room, and House of blues. In February he won the Wellington Jazz fest competition and performed at the Wellington Jazz fest in West Palm beach Florida with Mindi Abdair, Jeff Goloub, and David Pack from Ambrosia.

Jackson’s music can be best described as an emotional tornado tap-dancing on the piano keys. “Guitar riffs are a dime a dozen,” he explains, “but 88 keys lit on fire are something else.” It‘s soulful like Ray Charles and expertly crafted in a manner invoking Jerry Lee Lewis.

“Life is my largest influence,” Jackson says of his music, “followed by my faith in God, family, and friends.” Springfield, Missouri, has left its thumbprint on Jackson’s life: it has been the stage on which his life has performed. Most of the songs have been written on his baby grand or have been pounded out in the practices rooms of MSU. “I always write my songs with the intent of getting a message or story of hope across. I derive my hope from the one true God who I center my life around. I wrote
Jackson Hunt is a solo artist who stands on his own. He plays the piano, sings, and writes all his own music. His music can be described best as piano/pop. His large jazz influence makes it difficult to lump his music into a prefabricated genre. Jackson is recreating music by developing his own genre.

The music of Jackson can be linked with other piano greats such as Cold Play, Ben Folds, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, David Lanz, Gene Harris, and Beethoven. Other bands include The Fray, John Mayer, Ben Rector, Thelonious Monk, Jack’s Mannequin, and Relient K.

-Won the Wellington Jazz Fest Competition
– Reached top twenty for pop artists from ourstage.com
– The hit single Dance Dance earned air time on UCLA’s radio station
– Air play on WUWF 88.1 Pensocola, Fl
– DMX & Spafax Advertising has the music of Jackson catalogued. Dmx host to clients such as Nike, American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, and many more.

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