Jason Brock’s New Single Sweetens the Pot with Locally Sourced Honey

Honey From the Queen is a metaphor combining the love of Rock and Roll with the love of Blue Ridge Honey

Ventura, CA. July 22, 2021. Honey has a lot of tasty connotations, not least of which is the feeling of love and bliss that keeps you coming back for more. That’s what Jason Brock’s recently released single “Honey From The Queen” is about, and the song is being promoted with Blue Ridge Honey, a small family owned business that sells it’s locally produced products at farm stands and farmers markets in Ventura County and all over the globe online.

“I love local, I love honey, and I love art,” Brock commented, “and the mason jars of honey that come with my new single are a tasty combination of those passions .” He continued, “It’s reusable, renewable, raw rock and roll sweetness.”

When Blue Ridge Honey found out about Brock’s jars of rock and roll honey, they were quick to point out that honey doesn’t actually come from the queen bee. The song’s lyrical content is more a metaphor for the desire that honey represents and not the biology of how a bee colony operates.

“We work very closely with our local bees because, well, my husband and I are beekeepers,” stated Blue Ridge representative Wendy Mitchell, “and it’s important for us to educate the public about how and why bees are so important to our ecology.” She continued, “We do love that local artists like Jason are in love with our honey, and who knows, maybe there are some bees out there that like rock and roll.” she said with a smile.

Even though honey isn’t produced by the queen, you can still honor the queen and her colony by drizzling this locally sourced Ventura honey on your next meal. knowing it supports local bees, farmers and artists.

Honey From the Queen honey jars are available with the purchase of a high quality digital download purchase of the song at Jason Brock’s Bandcamp page, and include stickers design by Ventura artist Greg Bach. The honey is locally sourced directly from Blue Ridge Honey and information about their products can be found at their website.

Honey From The Queen was recently released across all major online distribution channels. The single features David Uosikkinen (The Hooters) on drums and Kenny Aaronson (Bob Dylan, Joan Jett) on bass. It was mixed and mastered by Dave Downham at Gradwell House recording.

Jason Brock is a career musician and artist, currently serving on the Board of the Ventura Artists’ Union, and also serves as an administrator of ccMixer.org. He’s participated in many climate activist events, including the People’s Climate March in NYC. Over his career he has recorded and released numerous records, working with Grammy award winning artists John Jones and Steve Ferrone, along with MP3.com artist Emily Richards, and original bands Orangehand, Maximum R.O.A.C.H. and The Art City Monsters.

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Jason Brock

There’s nothing like a good blues rock riff to get the adrenaline flowing, the body moving, and good times rolling. It’s that classic Stratocaster tone with a Gretsch humbucker bite on the edges of a swinging bass and drum backbeat that will make anyone want to relive their rock and roll fantasy, even if it’s only for three minutes in the living room with the stereo turned up to eleven.


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From his first band Blowtorch Opera to OrangeHand to Art City Monsters, Jason Brock carves out wide grooves of sound in the independent music scene. As guitarist for Emily Richard’s he toured the US in a historic moment during the birth of online music distribution. As remix artist Spinningmerkaba, his Creative Commons remixes are featured in audio and video productions all over the world. Now on Spotify, Brock’s solo albums and legacy continue to keep pace with the evolution of music culture. Thanks for being a part of the journey.