JEFFW is releasing his new single, “SPICE” available 12/11/20

Driving with a clear sense of artistic intention and sublime production skills alike, JEFFW blends supreme sound design and emotive, hypnotic songwriting for this immersive and softly soulful new dance-pop single.
Boasting an extensive background in music and production, the new release speaks volumes on behalf of Jeff’s dedication to the art form and passion for the process alike.

Celebrating a love for synthesizers spanning way back to the 80s, and in keeping with his creative preference for downtempo instrumentals, the single also marks the introduction of one of a handful of singers who have helped bring the new album to life. The vocals inject a gently engaging, emotional and seductive layer of connection, naturally furthering the reach of these poetic, appreciative lyrics in a likeable, memorable way. Not only does the soundscape slowly but surely create a sense of warmth and energy, but the vocal makes sure to connect and leave its melody and concept lingering long after the song has finished.

Fresh from the brand new album ‘Mixed Emotions’, expected late January, 2021, ‘Spice’ comes in at just under the four-minute mark, and increasingly prompts dance and pop fans alike to turn up the volume.

Promising pristine sound design and intricate layering of details, the track rains down with a clear air of both professionalism and unwavering passion for music and audio escapism. A fine testament to what can be anticipated from the upcoming new album.

Spice by Jeffw

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