Jerique Allan

Collage for Bad Boy
Genre: Pop
Subgenre: Dance
Location: Diamond Bar
I wanted to introduce you to one of our great and extremely talented Pop/Dance artists, Jerique Allan.

Here is a link to his music, & (Hear My Call video) which you can see by reviewing his EPK, how talented he is as an artist. He’s worked with so many famous DJ’s but decided to go solo with his latest single and upcoming album.

He’s been the vocals for such famous DJ’s as Tiesto, Robbie Rivera, Peter Luts & more! His latest collaboration with Joe K featuring Jerique, Dancing in the Streets,, is tearing up the Brazilian Top 40 charts!

His new single, Bad Boy, drops Aug. 16th! Find it at latest short video for Bad Boy,

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Jerique Allan has already worked with various acclaimed producers and deejays worldwide.
His collaborated tracks are supported by famous deejays, such as, David Guetta and Tiesto.

His latest work is with world renowned DJ, Robbie Rivera, for the song, “We Live for the Music” featuring the incredible vocals of Jerique Allan. Rivera’s latest single His latest release is “We Live for the Music”, featuring the fabulous vocals of Jerique Allan.

Besides his incredible dance floor tracks, this talented artist knows how to get your attention, whether it’s a ballad, an R&B track or a rock song.

His hypnotic and pop approach vocals, reinforced with ‘goose bump-creating’ melodies, are the stylistics of Jerique Allan.

• Both as a writer for third parties and as a featuring artist, Jerique Allan teamed up with noticeable producers, deejays and artists in the past. Recently, international award winner Peter Luts (prestigious Belgian DJ/producer) was instantly swept away by the voice of this talented artist, and asked Jerique to be a vocalist on his newest hit single “Can’t Fight this Feeling”.

For example:

•Luke Mourinet, from the producers’ duo Ruff & Jam, who were responsible for the success of Kylie Minogue’s monster hit with their remix of “Love at First Sight”.
•Several writing sessions/collaborations with Red One (known as the producer behind Lady Gaga, Shakira, etc…)
•Was a featuring artist on the album for the international DJ, Robbie Rivera, including the “We Live for the Music” track, highly profiled and even remixed by Tiesto among other deejays
•Worked on a track with Herbie Chrislow, one of the writers for The Backstreet Boys
•Wrote tracks on a pitch for Chris Brown together with Mysto & Pizzi, two New York producers working for Ryan Leslie
•And the list goes on…

Jerique Allan is definitely a remarkable artist with a wide range of experience and influences and is the European answer to the upper echelons of the American music industry!


Teamed up with a few international heavyweight producers for his smashing pop album, Jerique releases his first solo single, “Bad Boy”, and claims his spot in the charts worldwide!

But nevertheless, ‘Jerique Allan’ stands for credible song quality with an international background and sound.

‘De Messink’, Zomergem (nearby Gent)
Das Weisse Fest am See in Austria
amazing interview with Dj Philly David from Getmixed radio –

OUT NOW! 1st official Single of Jerique ‘Bad Boy’
Collaboration with Joe K, Dancing in the Streets, rising in the Top 40 Pop charts in Brazil, #17