Joanna Borne Releases Emotionally Pertinent Track “My Friend”

In the world of Instagram vs Reality, Joanna Borne pleads for real human connection in her new single “My Friend.” Emotionally raw and musically lush, “My Friend” possesses a bombastic beat interlaced with diary entries depicting the era where reaching out to friends can feel like a burden rather than a safety net.

“There’s nothing that can replace being fully present with another human being… unaltered by substance, unrestricted by technology and obligations. No amount of texting or partying can ever replace that,” says the Canada-bred, Nashville artist.

Delivering cinematic, international and ethereal elements to her own genre of pop, Joanna Borne takes emotionally-dense lyricism and uniquely-phrased, smoky vocals to produce irresistible, genre-bending anthems.

“My Friend” is available now on all streaming platforms. Take a listen at For more on Joanna Borne, follow her on social media @JoannaBorne and Instagram @joannabornemusic.

Listen to “My Friend” now on YouTube:

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