John Vento Shows Plenty Of Surprises With “Last Sunset” (Review)

Starting off with an angelic guitar melody line and emotionally deep lyrics, John Vento’s new song ‘Last Sunset’ is a sweet, yet heartbreaking love ballad that skilfully paints the visual of the song’s title. Break-ups are never easy, but Vento beautifully captures an accurate bittersweet feeling with crafty lines such as “Barefoot in sand/Just me and you/I’ll cruise through my life and treasure the memories we made/This is my last sunset with you”. A slow, simmering burn, ‘Last Sunset’ builds its narrative carefully (“Cold winds of change/And gray cloudy days/Are soon upon us/Trying hard to not let go”) with the use of well-timed background vocals and Vento’s husky, earnest voice. After an enchanting, romantic instrumental break, Vento returns on the bridge (“Tonight’s our last sunset/I’ll cherish this summer the most”) before ending the song on a poignant note. At this stage of the track, you truly feel like you’re on the beach, witnessing a beautiful sunset and the mixed emotions that surface with saying goodbye to a loved one. Think: a softer version of Aerosmith’s ‘I Don’t Want Miss a Thing’ – a love ballad with a much-needed rock edge. With ‘Last Sunset’, John Vento shows his listeners that he has plenty of surprises up his sleeve.
–Fred Effendi

John Vento

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