Jonny Ong releases the full-blown psychedelic record, ‘Isolation

Jonny Ong releases the full-blown psychedelic record, ‘Isolation

It’s pretty rare that a song in today’s musical landscape makes use of such an unusual instrument like a Handpan, but then again, Jonny Ong is no normal artist.

His beginnings in Frank Sinatra covers, Ong progressed and developed his tastes throughout adolescence, learning to play the guitar and discovering the Beatles, before turning his hand to full blown psychedelia.

This journey is what you can hear on latest release, ‘Isolation’.

A song truly relatable for all of us in the current climate, ‘Isolation’ sees Ong’s vocals float high and powerful above the line of instrumentation, blending together to give him a wholly unique sound unlike anything else in the charts right now.

And yes, you can expect to hear this in the charts. Whilst some of the instrumentation might be totally out of the ordinary, it’s disguised under entirely catchy melodies and pop hooks. All the while, the track remains true to Ong’s psychedelic roots.

Ong was born in Singapore before moving to London. It was in Amsterdam where he heard a busker playing a handpan, and so this unusual instrument was then added to his ever-growing repertoire. Melding all these differing influences together is what gives Ong his once-in-a-lifetime sound.

Listening to ‘Isolation’ is an experience. You can hear the expression of loneliness and loss, but in a way that is not entirely despairing. Instead, it celebrates the full range of human emotion. Yes, even the painful ones.

‘Isolation’ is released on the 3rd of April via Sound Portal Studios.

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