Juna N Joey ‘Til Your Heart Breaks

For fans of Country music, this next single by up-and-coming sibling duo Juna N Joey needs to be right at the top of your list of tracks to listen to. ‘Til Your Heart Breaks’ is the latest single from the Nashville-based duo. Taking classic elements of Country and Americana but revisioning them into a touching ballad.

The track is filled with an astounding arrangement of instrumentation. The pair really prove that they’ve spent years honing in on their abilities as musicians and songwriters. Tackling a subject matter that neither of the pair have personally experienced themselves, Juna N Joey imaginatively paint a heartfelt portrait, telling the story of a narrators first agonising heartbreak.

Opening with a delicate grace, vocals and piano introduce the moving attitude that this single has to offer. As it meanders along it’s solemn path, the single throws itself between slow tender moments and powerful cathartic peaks, that really creates the lift that such a vulnerable sentiment needs. The alternating male and female vocals elegantly entwine with each other forming beautiful harmonies.

Speaking about the track, the duo explain : “Although we have never experienced this level of real heartbreak, we wanted to write a power ballad. Kenny Royster and the experienced musicians on this track really knew how to interpret our acoustic version into a recording that we are so excited to release. We hope that people find this song to be true and relatable – love is definitely one of the most important themes in country music!”

The singer-songwriter, brother-and-sister duo have carefully refined their sound since the covers they uploaded onto their YouTube channel where it all began. Along the way the pair have created themselves opportunities to work with the likes of Dreamworks TV, Nickelodeon’s “America’s Most Musical Family,” interest from “America’s Got Talent,” and a tour with “American Idol” alum Cade Foehner. More recently the pair opened for Twinnie on her UK tour, The British Country Fest and the S Florida Fair, but now the duo move on to prepare the release of their new EP.

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