Kally O’Mally Releases New CD, Easy Money


Kally O’Mally Releases New CD, Easy Money
O’Mally is back on the scene and burning up Sacramento. Easy Money is an astonishing. Thirteen tracks fill this expertly crafted journey. Each track is a unique stop in the classic storytelling and musical artistry that her listeners have come to expect and that few artists today can deliver on their own. Recorded from March 2012 to February 2013, at EME Studios in Sacramento, CA, O’Mally has produced a great sounding CD. The title track, Easy Money is a fun, vibrant track that pulls the listener in with bright horns, strong harmonies, top notch mandolin playing and an instantly recognizable intro. You’ll find yourself in the El Camino on the way to Vegas in search of the big jackpot and the hope of dreams coming true.
A hot Spanish electric guitar lick kicks off the second track, Beside Me. Warm vocals and gorgeous harmonies fill not just this song, but the whole CD. Derailed tells the story of wanting to leave but not knowing how to do it and again, Kally shines, especially on the bridge which stands out for it’s clear vocals and slightly twisted lyrics.
You’ll stop in the diner just outside of Memphis and chat with Jane the waitress, who also makes an appearance in Texas Rain. O’Mally is known for her lyric writing and ability to craft and convey a story so that it becomes a part of the rich American tapestry of song, from Texas Rain: “The TV is flickering in the background, the V-hold is a river of black and white, dragging me through channels of perfect worlds and Guiding Light.” Texas Rain will bring the listener back to when the V-Hold on a television was still an issue…those days are long gone now, and who could forget the classic soap opera, The Guiding Light? Crazy is the classic love song and the string sections in this piece are worth noting. O’Mally’s vocals shine here as well.
This CD is full of winners, Derailed, Back to Being Friends and Can’t Remember When are all finely crafted tunes that will stay with the listener long after the final reprise of Easy Money has come and gone. It’s worth mentioning that the last two songs, Don’t Cry and New Day bring the journey to a close with a good lesson from Mamma, “Girl you better know just who you are,” and it’s clear that O’Mally has a winner on her hands. New Day is highly relatable and that’s an area where O’Mally shines. Not only is she a strong songwriter, but her unique voice is distinct and easily recognizable.
Easy Money is full of standout compositions and it’s available at Amazon, Itunes, CD Baby, eMusic and most digital delivery music services. She has agreements with several different licensing agencies to represent both her vocal and instrumental works and is an Associate Member of the Recording Academy of America. She’s represented by BMI. For more information on Kally O’Mally, visit www.kallyomally.com, www.facebook.com/kallyomally77 www.youtube.com/kalyco For media inquiries please contact David Johnson Jr., at djohnson@kallyomally.com or call 916-317-9361.