Kamibekami explains why he chose to name his upcoming techno album as ‘Never Touch Me’

Utilizing the right skills and challenging himself with his work, Kambiz Noorollahi, popularly known as Kamibekami created a name for himself in the music industry. His latest Deep House album ‘Never Touch Me’ is all set to release by Summer 2021 and it seems that it is going to be another massive hit. His recently released track ‘People’ was a classic hit and in very less time, Kambiz built himself as a dynamic personality. Not just a musician, he is also an entrepreneur with great business acumen.
He hails from Tehran, Iran, and has a strong network of connections with top entrepreneurs, singers, and other influential personalities. As a kid, Kamibekami was always fascinated by music and during the onset of his journey, began by becoming a guitar player. “My only dream then was to travel the world playing music. Music has always left a stronger impact on people and I am fortunate to chase my dreams and make it a reality”, said the musician. After mastering in Deep House, Trance, Psychedelic he produced electronic music and enthralled the masses by his talent.

Music Production
He said, “I always love to experiment with music. It is pretty much clear from the music I produce.” Kamibekami grabbed everyone’s attention in 2006 when he got an opportunity to produce tracks for the well-known names of Iran. Once he gained popularity, he started producing tracks under his own name. Celebrities like Dj Aligator and Pondora are among the top celebrities who follow him and admire his work on Instagram.
Besides being a reputed musician, Kamibekami even tried his hand in entrepreneurship and gained success in it. He spent years traveling the world and attended festivals where he majorly worked behind the scenes of the events. His ability to perform some exceptional music was combined with his business skill through which he set a bar for other musicians. He began investing in festivals and events that propelled him into hosting his own events in Ibiza and Tulum. The year 2022 is touted to be the biggest year of Kamibekami’s career as he will perform at some of the best festivals and events across America and Europe.