Kayla Stockert drops EP


Kayla Stockert drops EP
Artist: Kayla Stockert

Album: Castles in the Sand

URL www.kaylastockert.com/

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/KAYLAST0CKERT

Kayla Stockert’s latest offering of songs is a whimsical collection of retro-infused pop rock. The fifteen year-old singer/songwriter from Long Island, New York has collaborated with the Como Brothers band to assemble the three-song EP “Castles in the Sand.”

Listening to “Castles in the Sand” one can easily identify Stockert’s oldies-based influence as each song on the EP has a pleasantly familiar pop-rock undertone beneath a contemporary pop feel. The track “Don’t Go Messing With My Heart” is built on the foundation of a doo-wop guitar riff and harmonious backing vocals. Stockert’s vocals, surprisingly powerful for a young woman of only fifteen years enrich the doo-wop style successfully building a bridge between 1954 style and 21st century sensibility. “What They Say” is simply a strong pop song. Additional vocals provided by Andrew Como give the song a robust, full sound that adds emotional depth and dimension to the performance. The retro-disco/funk-rock influenced track “Your Love” makes for an enjoyable juxtaposition of emotionally bleak but potent lyrics with an up-tempo, upbeat musical accompaniment that makes the break-up tale into an empowering anthem for those leaving a bad relationship. Breaking up has never been so fun.

Overall the “Castles in the Sand” EP is an incredibly enjoyable listening experience. Kayla Stockert shows songwriting ability and performance skills well beyond her youth. This is only the beginning of her career and I, for one, cannot wait to see what this young lady has to offer over the coming years.

8 out of 10 stars.

Review by Travis Legge edited by Michael Rand

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