“Kechi” Okwuchi Releases Single

To stand on one of the world’s biggest stages and sing under the pressure, no one ever doubted Kechi Okwuchi’s talent. More importantly, she’s never doubted herself. Confidence and drive to succeed is one thing – you still need that power of song and the gift to convince an audience that your voice stands out. Okwuchi, in her debut album KECHI does just that. In the lead single, “All The Time” not only does she make this pop track sound effortless, but listeners will also be delighted to hear her glee put to snappy beats.

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It’s like she captures the sound of skipping and youthfulness in the entire sonic journey that is “All The Time”. When you’re falling in love, like some grand conspiracy theory, everything connects back to that person. Any sign can turn back to the love of your life. “All The Time” seizes that joy and tattoos an endless smile. Kechi, who is a plane crash survivor, shared her story to millions on America’s Got Talent season 12. She later came back for the tournament of champions and viewers once again were galvanized by this woman with a heart of gold and voice of another being. Beneath her skin’s scars, her true heart poured through on screen – as it does in “All The Time”. People are enamored with her and her voice. She’s wonderful.

Kechi…. All the time

This is the first single from the famous artist Kechi know from America got talent.

I found myself rooting for her in the YouTube videos (even Simon Cowell didn’t scowl when he saw her) and I couldn’t help but feel the same excitement just listening to her “All The Time” .mp3. Something happens in this song that feels fun, natural. Music heals, they say, and it’s evident from the way that Kechi carries herself and her remarkable voice in “All The Time”. For a simple pop song, it feels like it could bridge people together and let them forget their pains. I really encourage folks that are having a bad day to listen to this – even if there isn’t someone special in your life, this song projects love. I could also imagine this song getting an EDM treatment and becoming part of a mix. I hummed the melodies for hours, and days after the first listen. Kechi is just too wonderful to not give complete attention to – yes, this song might be a background soundtrack at some point, but people should and will stop what they’re doing to hear her voice.


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Fans of Corinne Bailey Rae (“Put Your Records On”), Norah Jones, Joni Mitchell and Jill Scott will gush over Kechi’s clean vocals. She’s warm and gives her all – again, effortlessly. I think I’d like to hear a broader range in her next single but am very pleased with her outing in “All The Time”. I think she nails it. It has all that I could ask for as a listener and music fan in a pop song – easy to follow lyrics, heartfelt emotions, a great voice and a beat that keeps the hips and shoulders in step. “All The Time” is going to race up the charts, I just know it.

Clay Burton