“Killbilly” by Saddle Of Southern Darkness

“Killbilly” is a treat for the campy rock fans of the Midwest variety who like their country and metal rock in the same buckets. Saddle Of Southern Darkness have tons of it where that comes from, being Kentucky before getting to Colorado. This is a band with steady roots in thrash metal and Hank Williams put together in one rad combination which has them on tour this august in many cities across the nation and I had never even heard of them. This track comes from the EP The Feral Few, which is surrounded by essentially more of the same standard of pulverizing rock with trad country inflections.

URL: www.saddleofsoutherndarkness.com/

This combo is done with taste and interest, not just some garage thrash band doing the trendy mix, it’s a full blown blend of the two done their way with no compromising. In fact, it’s hard to exist without giving up some convictions but this is a tough band who does it with ease. The words aren’t as strong as they come off in the promo video for “Killblilly” but the message comes on stronger in the video, so fair warning because he’s not the boy next door he’s exactly the opposite of what any description of that could possibly be.

They made the character right, so the video does go with the song, and it comes recommended to really get the entire picture. It’s not always important but the video can be seen just by looking into their website to sample their past music and see what’s coming next. This band tours so they’re out their making a name and keeping it, and the music is leading the way right with singles, EP’s and videos which they’ve been doing on a regular basis to build what is a solid fan base of support. And that’s just talking about the band itself.

The songs are all top notch including “Killbilly” with some variety but mostly sticking to the dark southern style of metal and country, although not all like this song. They’re naturals at what they do so it’s easy to get into S.O.S.D. and this cut is where to start in order to find more of what they’re good for, which is everything I’ve heard. No holding back when it comes to all out hardcore rockabilly meets heavy metal, without questioning others who’ve done it. This outfit do it with originality, personality and the right touch of humor.

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Once “Killbilly’ played a few times I instantly put it on the playlist and went back to listen to all their tracks I could find, and that’s where you’ll discover what’s on offer to back S.O.S.D.’s duo of brothers Chase and Trent Williams who’ve forged a project that won’t stop. You can forget about Json and Friday The 13th when “Killbilly” arrives in your view, but the song will win you over even more once you’ve had a chance to let it sink in and his band have the ability to keep you interested to do just that.

Clay Burton