Krystal Brown

Finally, pop music with substance...

Krystal Brown

The indie-pop artist Krystal Brown has just released a new album entitled ‘Lady Sisyphus’. The album has 6 tracks, including the lead singles ‘Last To Know’, ‘We Don’t Deserve You’, and ‘Sick of Excuses’. Some of Krystal’s influences include Depeche Mode, Solange Knowles, and Fiona Apple. She writes all of her own music and has been writing ever since the age of 15.
Some of the tracks on ‘Lady Sisyphus’ have a low key ambient vibe, while the likes of ‘We Don’t Deserve You’ have more of an upbeat dance vibe to them. Krystal is the featured vocalist on each of the tracks, brilliantly bringing her well-crafted writing skills to life. Check out her work at the following digital retailers.
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“Lady Sisyphus” is worth all the money. Stream or buy today. We have nothing but time during this quarantine. Let my music make your day a little brighter!