LA Lost DjiEazyP

R&B Artist

LA Lost DjiEazyP

He was Born March 27,2002.He CEO and Founder of a music company.He been doing music since 13 year old. He is also known as Zashaun Smith.He is from South Carolina.LA Lost DjiEazyP is on every platform. He even on iheartradio and more.He slowly and fast getting everything out to the world.LA did a few shows in the past.LA is also known as Big Ace when he fast started music.

LA Lost DjieazyP

LA Lost DjieazyP, Category: Artist, Singles: Young Blood, Top Tracks: Young Blood, Biography: LA Lost DjiEazyP was Born March 27,2002.He is known as a R&B Artist outta South Carolina.He is a designer and into podcasting.LA is real name is Zashaun Smith.He his been doing music since he was 13 years of age and had his first job at a Car wash., Monthly Listeners: 2, Where People Listen: Durham, Pacoima