Laceblack: Anytime is his new video

Laceblack: Anytime is his new video


Behind the name “Laceblack” there is a singer, a songwriter and the Italian musician Luca Celletti. Born in Rome, Luca begins to play drums as a young kid and, influenced by the classic rock of Rolling Stones, Doors, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, and Aerosmith, he begins also writing and singing his own songs. also in particular, from Aerosmith, thanks to the very similar timbre of Steven Tyler, Celletti has also created a tribute band called Eurosmith, the 1st Europoean Aerosmith cover band.

But beyond the great live performances of popoular songs from Aerosmtih, Luca Celletti is better know ad The vocalist of his Laceblack project that involves many musicians: Massimo Marracini (drums), Fabrizio Ruggiero (bass), Nicola Di Già and Francesco Savarese (guitars), all united to created an orginal sound that from the roots of the rock -trespassing through the psychedelic shades- can be seen as an evolution of various genres.

In fact, the name “Laceblack” is a very evocative word, that reminds to the dark atmosphere of the 80’s, when psychedelia is mixed with the deepest echoes of new wave genre’s. But there is other suggestion that came from Laceblack, other influences, that comes from Soul and jazz, and also from metal: a lot of suggestions that start from a new way to conceive rock. We can just listen to a song chosen as the first single of this project, called ANYTIME, to discover a new melodic sound with very poetical effects. This song has written by Luca Celletti and Raoul Battilani, and it talks about how is difficult- but at same time- how is important to realize the very meaning of our lives: watching deep inside our soul we can see that every moment should be the right moment to act, the moment to understand our thoughts and to make special our life.
With an incredible guitar solo’s, discordant like the insidious darkness of our soul, ANYTIME arrives to show another way to relate with our conscience. And this stream of consciousness, with the romantic view that music can involves, is one of the main theme of the whole album “LACEBLACK”, that includes Anytime.
So the lyrics of the song help us to trust in ourselves and in the beauty of the world (“I believe in such a beauty I saw around”), with simple but very deep words, ANYTIME show us the silver lining of all the things around us, the precious aspects of our life that many times we aren’t able to consider, with a different prospective, coming from a romantica view (“Anytime we shine as stars in the rain”).Every time, but also every place, is the place for us: “Walking in everyplace…together we stay”. And everytime a lover of rock music, expressed with and new and original style, want to open his musical horizons, it doesn’t take much: we can listen to all the 12 songs song included in Laceblack album debut’s, but mostly we have to save the date for the next Laceblack live performance:
-25th June at kill Joy in Rome
-1st Julie at the Monarch, Camden Town in London


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