“Leader Board: The DNA Of High Performance Teams” by Omar L. Harris

The fictional story to make up the lessons to be learned about the core structures of high performance teams in the workplace and how to keep sharp about team performance on a regular basis is what captivates the reader all the more than general purpose reading for starters, is what makes Leader Board: The DNA Of High Performance Teams the go-to for its purpose. The way author, Omar L. Harris, gets his points across are most effective in keeping the reader fixated enough to be interested to learn what leadership is truly about in a team environment for all it is worth and plenty more.

This book goes above and beyond the call of duty to turn any heads around that might be lost on team productivity through whatever means it can get erased from the overall picture by way of, and where it begins and ends in the first place. It begins with four tools of major significance and how to use them as basic principles and rules to which there are no exceptions. If you’re in any kind of business in today’s landscape it’s usually created and headed up by and operated by a crack team of people to do the job and delegate it as well, and there’s a way to do it without stepping on each other’s toes, so to speak.

Anyone interested in the social dynamics of team membership and the ways to stay improving upon them can find a lot to write home about, especially business owners that find themselves together and don’t even know why. It helps to back track and find out how it came together, for instance, or if you already perfected that it helps you confirm your own creative energies. This type of thing is best conveyed with humble roots to keep heads grounded, and the character and storyline put together for it is essential to its credit.

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You get a book and a reference guide on the subject which makes it not only interesting but just very easy to read and learn the magic presented within the chapters full of information and guidance told through a fiction-based story about team dynamics and its impact on business and even personal growth. The book also prepares the budding entrepreneur for the many unforeseen results of proper management and social interaction between team leaders and lower level employees in any capacity.

Harris is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach as well as a bestselling,

award-winning author, and independent publishing advice guru, an entrepreneur and twenty-year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry who helps unlock the key to making high performance teams all they can be. Leader Board is as strong in story as it is the information department, and that is what helps the reader learn without focusing on their own shortcomings from a one-sided perspective and brings a better sense of self and team awareness to the reader where it might usually get ignored. There is something to take away from it whether a person in charge, a business owner, an employee or just an enthusiast.

Clay Burton