Leo Sawikin’s serene ‘Row Me Away’

Those clever ones among you might recognise Leo Sawikin as former lead singer of NYC indie band The Chordaes, whose wholesome folk-rock saw the self-proclaimed Renaissance man garner quite the following.

Leo’s now doing his own thing, and ‘Row Me Away’ marks the continuing ascent of said thing, as well as his debut album’s eponymous single, and it’s quite the thing. Atmospheric, soulful, thoughtful stuff, which are three of our favourite things. And his voice is also quite another thing, deep and meaningful with a misty-eyed timbre and all kinds of mellifluous, which is our favourite kind of mellifluous.

The singer/songwriter/musician/acrobat (that last one might not be true) has a knack for great melodies, as ‘Row Me Away’ testifies with its dreamlike rifts and emotive lyrics, and which continues his habit of releasing wistful music that pulls heavy on the heartstrings. Wonderland magazine described his last single, ‘A Whole World Waiting’, as ‘serene’.

Which is funny, ‘cause that’s how we’d describe ‘Row Me Away’.

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