“Let You In” by Peter Muller

“Let You In” by Peter Muller is a song with a slight American ring to it, but underneath the surface that is just some country roots shining through on this one, as it does in some other Peter Muller songs. The artist known as Peter Muller is a Pop/Jazz and Folk artist with some other traditional leanings, mostly based in rock but usually piano accompany based. And that is just the opening line for what is a solid music performance in the studio and in the video, both of which bring matched energy and chemistry for an overall hit potential number.

URL: www.petemuller.com/

Peter Muller is an interesting and compelling artist of unusual proportions because of his work in other fields which include philanthropy and music education. In fact, Muller’s name can be seen attached to business names like Stanley Morgan if you look enough into what he’s done and has involved himself with for decades outside the music industry. This almost crosses his music career with some confusion if you don’t pay close enough attention, but it ties in with it if you do and makes for all-the more entertaining perspectives. You can blame a person for going all out at everything they can, so Muller deserves praise.

Co-writer, Missy Soltero, also features side by side on “Let Her In” and other songs to be found by Peter Muller, so her involvement in the band would be wrong not to point out and emphasize the enhancement it adds to Peter Muller whenever applied. The song features her vocals just as much as Muller’s, so you can’t get away from her even if she’s just part of the band. I hear more than that with this totally excellent singer/songwriter, but again she is only part of the full package Muller lights up a stage with.

The piano is playing is exquisite, as are their two voices and powerful rhythm section which keeps the footing of the track as they all work wonders together on it. This is a piece of music brought to life by their voices but also would suit well as an instrumental, proving how they seamlessly work together in unison fashion like two separate but equal talents. I’m hard pressed to say myself that after a few days-worth of “Let Her In” and more from Peter Muller,  I’m sold on the brilliance of it all and impressed by what more there is to know about him.

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Not everything about Peter Muller can be said in one review of “Let Her In” but a lot can be said about the sheer quality of the music and production which also includes high end video production, but the advice is to let the music play and read into what Peter Muller does besides his music, and that can be done by various sources like Forbes Magazine and others which ups the seriousness of his presence in the business world but also helps interest you in a maximum singer/songwriter and world touring entity which “Let Her In” lives up to the status of.

Clay Burton