Life-Work returns with their most potent pop jam to date


Life-Work returns with their most potent pop jam to date in the brand new single “Dolce Far Niente (Pete Hammond Remix),” an ode to the relaxing vibes of the summer season that appeals to both the act’s longtime fans and newcomers alike. “Dolce Far Niente (Pete Hammond Remix)” is structured around its anthemic swing beats, which throttle us from the start of the track and don’t let a single stitch of sonic space go unutilized in the roughly four minutes and seven seconds that the song lasts. There’s a lot of interesting music coming out of the European underground right now, but as far as bright, optimistic pop goes, you’re not likely to find anything quite like this Dutch crew’s most recent studio cut.

This single presents us with a really seductive blend of reggae and European-style synth pop, with both genres influencing the tonality of the instruments equally. There’s a lot of pick-up in these synths, but Life-Work is careful to avoid overindulgence in the melodic construct of the hook in the chorus. “Dolce Far Niente (Pete Hammond Remix)” has a really seamless fluidity to it that has become a bit of a rarity on the American side of the Atlantic, making it stand out all the more in 2019’s western-dominated pop music climate.


Both sets of lead vocals in this single are remarkably brooding and pack a lot more of a punch than I was expecting to find from the mostly dance-oriented Life-Work. Their music has skirted emotive themes in the past, but there’s an underlying subtext in the instrumental depth of this track that the lyrics only slightly touch on. The tone of both the male and female serenades is cutting and evocative, and even if they weren’t singing as urbane a verse as they are in the chorus, the passion in both of their vocals would leave an imprint on “Dolce Far Niente (Pete Hammond Remix)” nonetheless.

The percussion here sports a sublimely smoky finish that literally gives me chills every time listen to this single. Between the affectionate stutter-step vocal in the intro and the cushion that the drumbeat provides the opening stanza, it’s hard to put this song down once it gets started, as it might just be one of the most sterling dance tracks that I’ve had the chance to review this June. Life-Work inject a lot of moxie into these melodies, and perhaps now more than ever, live up to the praise that their moniker has attracted over the last couple of years.

“Dolce Far Niente (Pete Hammond Remix)” is the single that your summer playlist has been waiting for, and if you enjoy a striking pop groove as much as I do, you should consider it a must-listen addition to Life-Work’s discography. Han Epskamp turns in one of his most intricately faceted compositions to date in this track, and while I’m sure that it won’t be the last time that critics are abuzz over his work, I have a feeling that this is going to be one of the more popular songs he’s cut under this brand thus far. Life-Work is primed for the big time, and in many ways, “Dolce Far Niente (Pete Hammond Remix)” is a celebration of their arrival in the spotlight.


Clay Burton

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