Look Out EP by Jonny Porter

Canada produces some of the greatest talent in the world, and Look Out by Jonny Porter is no exception to that rule, with everything on it handled by him, including the production in his studio near Toronto where he stays busy since leaving Staylefish and embarking on a solo career. Look Out is his sophomore release, the 6-track EP is the awaited follow up to his full-length debut, the long-playing Grave Bird. But these songs follow a pattern of darker behavior reflected in the lyrics, and comes after a heroin addiction interrupted Porter’s life and he eats a slice of humble pie to express himself about it.

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A look into how Jonny Porter lives, is a good way to describe his latest release which may or may not reflect some of the current times but winds up doing so anyway. It could be the crisis factor and what Porter has gone through coinciding in a positive way, but he lets the music do the talking. “Burning Up, Coming Home” probably gets the point across the most on a country inclined ballad with strong words and music by Porter. This is a song you can enjoy listening to over and over.

The energy picks up on “Accidental Weekend” and stays that way until the final track, but some fun and some sorrow in between. But this track really gets your blood boing for the rest, so it’s one of the tracks worth spotlighting. The backing track is big and the vocals are sassy and just a lot of fun to crank up and jam to and Porter proves he can write accessible songs without any cheese to top it off. Not enough can be said about it, really, it’s a hot and cool moment at the same time on a brilliant new release.

“Look Out” is the song where it gets intentionally focused to get the message across on what is another incendiary track to highlight, with Porter pulling off some of his best work for sure. All skills are laid out on the table as he gives his heart and soul with the best of the blues rock and Americana artists of the last 20 years. Then he answers back with “Back To The Rats” with something you’ve heard before but you haven’t on a classic rocker for the taking. This is a must hear, as Porter’s punk influences also begin to turn up.


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“Heathen” is a look at himself and other like him and centers around the attitudes heathens have about how they live. It’s not depressing, but it could be if Porter wasn’t such a clever musician, so it comes out in the wash, regardless of the subject matter. It gets the feeling out and that’s what music is all about, so Look Out would not be complete without it and the same goes for the final track as well. “Let them Save Me” is the most social political song on the record, but it helps close on a high note, even though it’s a softer rocker.

Clay Burton