Look out for Danilo first music video and single “Bae”

Look out for Danilo first music video and single “Bae”

Danilo Concepcion is a 21-year-old artist/songwriter from Washington Heights, NY. Currently, a college student independently producing and creating music from his dorm. He began learning how to play music from the age of 9, desperate to learn how to play the guitar. From teaching himself through YouTube he gained many opportunities to showcase himself on the news and multiple radio stations such as WQXR, as well as being reached out from Kevin Bacon himself to perform with him. Danilo released his first project earlier this year and is excited to continue to work and drop his first music video.

Happy to announce the release of his new track “Bae” due to drop with a music video on September 4th 2020. This is a dancehall track mixed with a very Caribbean/reggaeton style beat and a melodic guitar pattern played by Danilo himself.

The beat for this track was produced at Danilo’s home studio in his college dorm. From recording vocals to recording the instrumental. “Bae” has very mixed sounds throughout the entire song, not to mention the song going from an English dancehall to a Spanish reggaeton by the third verse.

The vocals for the single “Bae” were recorded and produced by Jlav, (one of the featured artists on the track) and Danilo himself. This single is due to drop with a music video Friday September 4th, 2020, and can be streamed on all platforms including Itunes, Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

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