Lorenzo Doryon unleashes ‘Straight Into the Fire’

Model-turned-singer Lorenzo Doryon has just released his latest single, the euphoric ‘Straight Into the Fire’, which teaches his listeners to let go of that which does not serve them.

When it comes to mission statements, Doryon not only hopes to be a relatable voice, but a motivational one; “I hope fans are able to deeply relate to my music – that has been my primary goal as an artist. Taking the human experience and reflecting it back to the audience through song. Living your true self, not letting negativity get you down, and pursuing your dreams. That’s what I hope people take away from my music.”

Lorenzo Doryon

Lorenzo doesn’t hold anything back. The Italian born heartthrob, singer, and performer arrives with a clear and magnetic vision of pop. Accentuated by soft rock flavor, soul funk, R&B attitude, and contemporary flair, Lorenzo’s vocals instantly charm, highlighted with a breezy authenticity that powers his approach to singing.