Genre: R&B
Subgenre: Hip-Hop
Location: Miami Gardens, Fl
Magassia aka Ms.Owwweeeee is a singer, songwriter, and inspiring actress from Miami. She Is Dyenasty Records First Lady, one word to describe this Miami label and thats royality. She was recently featured on a Miami based rapper Neno single called Over & Over Again, that left her new fans wanting to hear more from this up-coming singer. She just release her first introduction single called Melody. Behind this single Melody is a message, where you have to really listen to the lyrics to figure out what it is. Magassia is always full of suprises when it comes to her writing techniques and singing ablities. Her voice will always put you in that mood and at ease. A lady in the streets and a beast behind every single beat.

I’m an up-coming artist, I have not have the oppertunity yet to bless anyone’s stage yet.