Maybesoon releases self-titled single, ‘Maybe Soon.’

Maybesoon releases self-titled single, ‘Maybe Soon.’

The electro-pop duo known as Maybesoon has released their self-titled, third single, “Maybe Soon.” It has been proudly published as an independent release on the Hill Street Records record label. “Maybe Soon” reaffirms Maybesoon as an electro-pop powerhouse that fans of off-beat pop music can’t get enough of. See below for the link to “Maybe Soon.”

Maybesoon (stylized maybesoon) are recording/visual artist Jayme Woj and producer Alan Bukowiecki. They cite as main musical influences Bjork, Pet Shop Boys, Robyn, Radiohead, Erasure, and Swedish artist Jonna Lee. Maybesoon’s own sound on “Maybe Soon” incorporates elements from each of these and adds many fresh and unique elements for a melange all their own.

“Maybesoon” incorporates an interesting dichotomy on this single that creates an eccentric melodrama, fusing angry break-up lyrics with energetic dance beats.

This dramatic fusion makes plenty of sense, considering the pedigree of the musicians. Woj and Bukowiecki both come from musical theater, with the former performing as an actor, singer, visual artist, and stunt fighter, the latter as a Broadway musician, conductor, and composer.

Asked to describe the overall meaning of “Maybe Soon,” Maybesoon frontman, Jayme Woj writes, “Maybe Soon is about that chaotic time in a relationship when things are beginning to get destructive but you aren’t quite ready to call it quits, and though we don’t like admitting it, the new level of drama is frustrating, but also regrettably exciting.”

“Maybe Soon” represents the third release from Maybesoon, their debut being “Reverie,” also on Hill Street. It appeared in the summer of 2019.

“Maybe Soon” by Maybesoon on the Hill Street Records label is available from all major worldwide digital music stores and streaming services.

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