Maybesoon unsheathes their new sword fighting music video

Maybesoon unsheathes their new sword fighting music video

The electro-pop duo known as maybesoon unsheathes the official music video for their self-titled single, ‘Maybe Soon.’

A tour de force of sword fighting, the ‘Maybe Soon’ music video is a fantasy thriller about self-discovery and the mixed emotions we experience when forced to fight our way out of a toxic relationship.

True to form, maybesoon infuses their narrative journey with a series of unique body paint transformations. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker, pianist, and composer Heather Schmidt, this round of body paint and visuals are inspired by both steampunk culture and some of the duo’s favorite anime.

When asked about his experience creating the music video, maybesoon frontman Jayme Woj said, “Outside of music, I’ve worked for over a decade as a Hollywood actor and stunt fighter. With ‘Maybe Soon,’ the goal was to merge that world with our music. I was also incredibly eager to collaborate once again with Heather Schmidt and to finally have the chance to battle Jan Bryant and Jacob Lister, two of Hollywood’s best stunt performers. The four of us have trained together for years at the Academy of Theatrical Combat, and, as expected, working with them on this project was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life!”

‘Maybe Soon’ represents the third audiovisual release by maybesoon. The single is now available worldwide, on all major digital music stores and streaming services.

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Described as the “2020 Petshop Boys” by Sony Music, maybesoon is a new electro-pop collaboration between recording/visual artist, Jayme Woj & producer, Alan Bukowiecki. Mixing theatrical drama with eccentric electronic sounds and dance beats, maybesoon is currently creating a series of audiovisual singles that merge their music with various forms of body art.

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Home page of maybesoon. Grab your dancin’ shoes. Our new, self-titled single, “Maybe Soon” is here!