McCullum Back On Stage And Radio !!!


McCullum Back On Stage And Radio !!!

Inspired by the quest to Feed the Need for Lethal Rock in the World today, the Record Label, Musik & Film, Inc., was set to release the wake up call to sanity, Metho Man, from James McCullum and The James McCullum Project to render you sated by radio Worldwide today; but a Muse Who Matters inspired the Label to release instead James McCullum’s gut-grabbing bold anthem, No God No Life (No Love), to fire your soul with Cutting Sledge Rock and refuel your mind with a little Rock hard wisdom from stark ravin’ bad livin’.

James McCullum, known by his impressive history in rock and his experience as a music man guru, signed with the prestigious Musik and Film recently. His music once known for the bang your head groove rock style now has a twist. Though the music is still hot hard slammin’. The lyrics have a lesson to be learned from one musician who can say…’Been There Done That!’

His debut single ‘No God No Life’ has already hit radio and the album ‘UncharteredTerritory,’ carries the sound that will rock you, shake you, and wake you, to the vibe of social spiritual, and moral awareness. Those rock fans that have a spirit calling James McCullum, has the answer in” Unchartered Territory.” The album that will change the way rock music lovers everywhere dare to tread. James, amazing album includes many heart beatin,’ drum poundin’ sounds, including ‘Rock Your World’, which has proven time and time again to be the McCullum, anthem hiis all star band has a history that will blow your mind but, it certainly is their story to tell, and tell the will in upcoming interviews, and tell alls as we welcome the arrival of James McCullum Project. other songs on his smokin’ hot album include;Uncle Shame’s Neighborhood, U Must Be Crazy, Bye Bye Baby, and Just A lonely Girl…
Unchartered Territory… The album to watch as Rock Music with a lyric twist is about to change music as it makes history with the jammin’ sounds from the artist that experience Rock when the bricks and mortar were being laid! From those history makin’ artist who now are known as the Monsters of Rock…Stay on track and in tune as James McCullum Project dominates the stage and the radio with this straight out of the trenches release “UNCHARTERED TERRITORY’ NOW FOR SELL AND ON RADIO!!!!!
Milliea McKinney VP Promotions and Label Relations