“Megaphone Inside My Head” (LP) by Brian Cotrill

Brian Cottrill is a very good artist, with a power pop prowess I have not heard in years, so I was glad to hear Megaphone Inside My Head, and give a good look at each song for what qualities they are full of, and I was also happy to hear one of the most rocking indie albums of the year. It is not just any year to be releasing an album, and I am sure Cottrill was challenged all-the more to release this in 2020, but not everything can wait. The opportunity was there but many have backed up their release dates this year and Cottrill did not.

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The pandemic has made for a lot of releases, some hasty, some not, and this is an album I consider to be one to highly recommend after hearing it, as I was not familiar with Cottrill until it came across my desk. The good news is, I am thrilled to be able to review it. “Gonna Love You” starts the album off with a surprise behind it, which I can say that Cottrill cleverly arranged the same way I would if I were him. He makes a grand entrance to throw you off the first song.

Once you get through that and “Spin That Record” starts, it does not take long to see what Cottrill just did there, and if you miss it you’d have to be hard of hearing. Not only that, he comes blazing out of the gate with this enormously satisfying song to really get the musical engine off and running. The album has two other musicians and three back up singers, with Bob Workman on drums and David Zinn on lead guitar, with Cottrill handling vocals, rhythm guitar and very-good keyboards and synthesizer which you cannot miss.

Megaphone Inside My Head by Brian Cottrill

Brian Cottrill’s new album, Megaphone Inside My Head, will be released December 4, 2020. Featuring Bob Workman and David ZinnWith Davin Seamon, Brooke Cottr…

“Teenage Kids” sees daughter Erica lending her spirit to the arrangement on what is surely one of my favorite tracks on Megaphone Inside My Head. “You Can’t Stop Me,” “Take It Or Leave It,” and “Boyfriend” all stand on their own feats, with the latter track getting the most mileage out of me, from front to back it is a decent track worth revisiting many times over. And then it gets to another track later with his daughters, this one being “Don’t Tell me What To Do” with Hannah bringing her Cottrill pedigree to the project and perking the track all the way up. “What’s Her Name” also contains harmony vocals from daughter Brooke Cottrill.

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“Ice Cream Angel Baby” is a lovely power pop gem with some fabulous lyrics about what went on down at the local Dairy Queen, with that mid 70s puppy love sensibility to it. I find myself returning to this track more and more just for the nostalgia factor alone. But the last track probably grabs me the most, “If Tomorrow Never Comes” is the magnum opus with strings arranged by Davin Seamon. Cottrill leaves this listener moved because he does not forget to include what rounds an album off mostly nicely with an emotional ballad, this one of monster proportion.

Clay Burton