Mia Laren’s new single good night brings a celestial vibe

Mia Laren’s latest single “good night” captures a different style of music. Producer and singer songwriter Mia Laren brings out her celestial vibe, allowing her angelic voice to transcend into melodic waves of high notes. “Good night” will release December 4, 2020 at midnight. The song will be available on all music platforms including Spotify, YouTube, iTunes and Amazon.

Mia Laren is an independent artist from Baltimore, Maryland. Her musical career began a year ago when she began producing originals from her laptop. Her music style is a combination of pop, dance and folk. She began singing at the age of 10 when she was accepted into the Peabody Choir. Mia graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with her Bachelor’s of the Art in Dance. When she began making music, she used the rhythm and expression of dance to create empowering musical pieces that replicated her life.

Mia Laren talks about the meaning behind her latest single. “I was writing a Christmas song when I began to feel super emotional. I hit the record button and began singing what I felt deep within my heart. It was as if an energy took over me in that moment.” She explains how “good night” is about her best friend since she was 22. “We stopped talking for a while, that’s what happens when you date other people. When he reached out to me, it was as if I couldn’t stop focusing on him, our relationship and what he means to me,” Mia comments.

Mia Laren goes into detail about how she chose the transparent title, “good night.” “When I was little I would sing my friends to sleep. I realized, after creating the song, it would replicate that moment from when I was little. I wanted this is be the song you listen to before you go to sleep.” This soothing song constructs a foundation of music that hasn’t been formed before. “I want to be able to create a style of music that allows you to calm your mind, body and soul, so when you listen to it you can drift off into a blissful sleep,” Mia Laren states.

Mia Laren’s latest single, “good night” is not available until December the 4th at midnight, but you can can watch her unreleased official video right now on her official page mialaren.com.

All inquires about the release can be directed to info.mialaren@gmail.com.

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