Mia Laren’s new single Like That accentuates her sensual side

Mia Laren’s latest single “like that” is the next level pop song bringing a powerful and passionate melody to the table. Producer and singer-songwriter Mia Laren accentuates her sensual side with this catchy tune. “Like That” was released May 28, 2021, at midnight. The song is available on all music platforms including Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, and Amazon.

Mia Laren is an independent artist from Baltimore, Maryland. Her musical career began a year ago when she began producing originals from her laptop. Her music style is a combination of pop, dance, and Latin. She began singing at the age of 10 when she was accepted into the Peabody Choir. Mia graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with her Bachelor of the Art in Dance. When she began making music, she used the rhythm and expression of dance to create empowering musical pieces that replicated her life.

Mia Laren talks about the meaning behind her latest single. “I came from a childhood where I was bullied by friends, teachers, classmates, family, etc. I was constantly being torn down. I remember my drama teacher telling me personally after I sang a song that we are not all singers in front of the classroom. I remember my ex-best friend telling me that my singing voice was terrible. When I began creating music, it allowed me to blossom like a flower. I was able to share the part of me that had been trapped inside me for many years due to the opinions of others. I have realized today that those who are insecure will project their insecurities on you to make themselves feel better. I stopped taking words personally and I began to grow stronger. The nerdy, shy girl who was too shy to even raise her hand in the classroom is now braver than ever before. Music unleashes my soul. My song “like that” is my sensual side of me. We can all relate. When you gain your confidence, you begin to know who you are and what you want. You begin to take charge of your life. Let’s take charge of our life, like that…” Mia comments.

Mia Laren’s latest single, “like that” is currently available on all music platforms and her official site mialaren.com.
All inquires about the release can be directed to info.mialaren@gmail.com. All donations to Mia Laren can be made via www.mialaren.com/donate

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