Michigan’s Most Wanted Talent

The Artist 2$hey is a Grand Rapids, Michigan native. Well known for his lyrical capabilities, and sharp emotions struck with every word. Gives us lyrical ballads such as “Gangsta’s Prayer “ and Drop Sum’n. But his recent album has given us more of a insight into this man’s life. From Gang Ties, too his street life as a drug dealer and alleged murders. Whether this man is telling the truth or convincing us with compelling lies that are very believable. 2$hey continues to give listeners words that are as gritty as they are compelling. Rumors through the internet have spawned about the possible release of a 3rd album and many fans are craving this very album. Critics say his new album will be a huge fail as the artist is a copy cat of everyone else. Papoose recently spoke with us of the discovery of 2$hey stating that he believes 2$hey is voice unlike any other and the he sees the extreme potential and that he gives 2$hey 1 more year and every major label will be and I quote “beating his door down with record deals and movie deals as well as practically offering everything but creative control” we have also had other reputable public figures speak very highly of 2$hey and his talent but most artist also feel that he is not being true to himself? Well 25Million+ Streams on SoundCloud alone with a 7,000+ Spotify should tell them to suck an egg!
2$hey also has a new single being released soon that sources say takes a turn and gives insight to 2$heys Gang life, and mental struggles! The release date for this upcoming single is set to be released November 1st 2021 I know I’ll be diving into this new song.
Recent reports state that 2$hey draws inspiration from artists such as Kevin Gates, Yo Gotti, Lil Durk and Another Michigan Native Tee Grizzley. The Artist 2$hey has been Released from the Michigan Department Of Corrections for less than one year and has not slowed down on his craft yet. He continues to give us Bangers and songs that have us feeling every lyric. Is this Man THE VOICE OF THE STREETS, that we have been waiting for? Will he slow down? At just 23 years old he insists he himself is the Lyrical Genius.


The Most Trusted Voice in Music