Airwaves Spectacular is an original Alternative Pop/Rock band from Baltimore MD. hoc tieng anh bat dau jaxtina But having many influences Airwaves Spectacular’s sound is a blend of good alternative to modern 80’s. . về cach lam viec cua nguoi nhat uy tin tai TPHCM uy tin tai During this two year period we developed, synthesized, and sim do trang tri sinh nhat tphcm CD’s were manufactured in a very limited quantity, and have been spotted on going for over $500. (yes, you read that correctly…over five hundred dollars!). If this CD is not in your collection, here’s your chance trung tam jaxtina tot khong đánh giá clearing and professional support.plified many energy psychology tiếng anh doanh Nghiệp . mier rock and roll band, visit the 7th Order Reverb Nation page: dich vu seo tai TPHCM You can either purchase all of the items in our store at posted prices or you can subscribe to our site and download as many as you would 12 cung hoang dao trong tieng anh like for free. Scroll down to sign up for only $15.00. We will be adding 5-10 new titles a week.

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Indie Artists Alliance joins protest against SOPA

On Wednesday Jan. 18, Reddit, Wikipedia and many other websites including Indie Artists Alliance will black out their content in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) and the Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade Act (OPEN). Organizers of the SOPA Strike are asking interested sites to black out their content for 12 hours and display a message encouraging users to contact their congressional representatives and urge them to oppose the legislation. Indie Artists Alliance supports this black out.

For More Information:

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Rhythm Band Instruments, LLC Partners with Note Knacks Music, LLC

FORT WORTH, Texas, Nov. 3, 2011 — Rhythm Band Instruments is very proud to announce a new partnership in music education with Note Knacks(R) Music, LLC.

Note Knacks(R) is a system of music symbol manipulatives and corresponding curriculum. The system was created and developed by Kristin M. Pugliese. Mrs. Pugliese earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Rochester and her Master of Science in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College. She has been a professional educator for over 15 years and has presented at national
education conferences including the Georgia Music Educator’s Conference and the Florida Music Educator’s Conference.

Note Knacks(R) is based on visual and tactile learning in conjunction with written and community learning. The Note Knacks(R) system crosses disciplines and teaches broad meta-concepts in math, such as fractions and algebra, as well as comparative and relational writing skills through
the use of musical and graphic notation. The curriculum is particularly effective with Kindergarten through Second Grade children, but it also expands easily to higher grades.

Rhythm Band Instruments is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Note Knacks(R). For additional information, contact Dennis Klophaus, School Sales Manager, at or Kristin Pugliese at

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2GB FlashHarp® “Plus” Playable Harmonica

This is one of the coolest inventions that we have ever seen combining music and technology.

2GB FlashHarp® “Plus” Playable Harmonica USB Flash drive with preloaded video harmonica lesson, “Five Basic Steps to Play,” taught by Jim McLean, The Backyard Harmonica Teacher, from Backyard Brand®. Give your friends that freewheelin’ feelin’. Buy ’em a FlashHarp.

Also available at:

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Nationwide Barcode now offers EAN Barcodes

Nationwide Barcode has recently updated their barcode offerings to include EAN Barcodes,

Nationwide Barcode has been the US leader in providing individual UPC barcodes to video producers, musicians, small businesses and manufacturers throughout the United States and Canada. WIthin 2 years, Nationwide Barcode has released nearly 200,000 UPC barcodes and has decided to expand to the rest of the world.

An EAN-13 barcode (originally “European Article Number”, but now renamed “International Article Number” ) is a 13 digit barcoding standard which is a superset of the original 12-digit Universal Product Code (UPC) system developed in the United States.

If you are  NOT selling your product(s)  in the United States or Canada and strictly out of these countries, you should purchase an EAN barcode. A UPC — or Universal Product Code — can be read in all countries that have adopted the EAN code plus the United States and Canada. In Japan, the EAN system is called the Japanese Article Number (JAN)

Wherever you are doing business and need a UPC or EAN barcode, Nationwide Barcode has come up with a low cost solution. Single barcodes are only $14.95 with prices as low as 0.90 for blocks of 1000. UPC and EAN barcodes are the ideal solution for Amazon resellers too.

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Michael Dolan Exits Music Connection

After 33 years of nurturing Music Connection magazine and its websites to become the most beloved musicians trade resources in the industry, Michael Dolan has stepped down as president of the company and resigned his post as co-publisher/executive editor.

The MC co-founder has sold his half of the company to business partner Eric Bettelli, who will assume the mantle of CEO effective immediately. “Make no mistake,” quipped Dolan, “I’ve reached this decision with a genuine sense of peace and gratitude, and EB and I remain best of friends-more like real brothers. Plus, I feel confident that I’m leaving the company with an impeccable reputation of integrity and service to the music community, a variety of outstanding products to offer musicians and a super talented and committed staff of great individuals committed to supporting Eric and sustaining MC for years to come.”

New Music Connection CEO, Eric Bettelli, concurs, “Throughout the years Michael and I have had a unique working relationship, one that has helped us to weather any storm that the business has sent our way. Our parting as business associates comes at a time when the company is on solid ground, ready to make the most of whatever the future brings.”

The exiting Dolan says he is looking forward to some well-earned time off, more time with his wife Nancy, and especially to new challenges. He is already in the process of creating a new company to help others solve their problems. The firm is called The Probity Group, a creative “think tank” specializing in innovative solutions to impossible challenges. “It’s a consulting/coaching company,” Dolan explains, “that draws upon the brainpower, practical experience and intellectual leadership of an awesome staff of committed problem solvers in order to accelerate extraordinary results and arrive at exceptional solutions.”

Summing up his three decades at the helm of Music Connection, Dolan concluded, “I’m very proud of the fact that Music Connection truly makes a difference in the lives and careers of thousands of musicians and music people all over the world.”

For complete details see the current issue of Music Connection magazine, or read Michael Dolan’s

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Not just another white hip hop artist…..

I have to admit, I looked at the picture of Dave Patten and I did not want to like him. I thought he was going to sound like Eminem. In his pic, he has the wannabe white thug look, grey hooded sweatshirt , white t-shirt. I was prepared to make fun of him, but I can’t.
This kid sounds good. He needs to develop his own look and style, and when he does, he may have a future in music.  (Phil Peretz Indie4Life)

Promotion via

Location: Havertown, PA, USA
Description: A deep rock voice with a unique pop and hip-hop sound
Biography: Dave Patten creates his own brand of music from start to finish. Everything you hear on the singer/songwriter’s self-produced albums – acoustic and electric guitars, piano, drums, bass, synthesized horns and string parts – is Dave. Rarely does a musician have the ability and talent to synchronize each aspect of his tracks to the exact specifications of his creative vision.

Yet Dave’s vocals alone make him a standout. His deep and powerful voice, combined with both pop rock and hip-hop beats, set him apart from the multitude of like-sounding musicians. Dave’s hit the collective pulse with songs like “Don’t Stop” off his third album, Pace of Change, and “Back to School” from his fourth and most recent album, No Direction. Reflective, soulful, and powerful, they embody just one side of his artistic expression.

Dave’s music has a wide Internet presence. His YouTube videos garner over 1.3 million page views. In fact, multi-platinum selling artist Wyclef Jean saw Dave’s adaptation of his song “Sweetest Girl” and invited Dave to open for him at Atlantic City’s House of Blues. Brian Kennedy, producer of Rhianna’s “Disturbia,” discovered Dave’s cover of the song and was so impressed that he added it to his own MySpace. Dave continues to produce original music videos, for which he not only writes and produces the songs, but also directs and edits each one. The level of support Dave receives from fellow musicians and his fans continues to grow.

Dave hails from the Philadelphia area, where he grew up around music and played drums in local bands. In 2006, Dave took the leap to invest in himself and his career. Now Dave uses his multitude of musical abilities, technical know-how, and boundless drive to create a sound that is different from anything else out there.

For more information about Dave Patten, please visit



Contact: David Clark

Clark Records


Dave Patten is unbelievable. His music is catchy, his beats are driving, and his style is unique. I’ve always liked his stuff, at least what I’d heard of it, and his cover songs all over youtube are what hooked me first but this new music is going in a completely different direction that is relevant and reminiscent of current chart toppers but consistently fresh and refreshing to say the least. And it just has this amazing quality to it that keeps me playing it no matter how many times I listen to it. It’s just perpetually appealing.

It’s music that won’t go stale and I recommend it to all of you who like music ranging from pop to hip-hop to alternative, even singer/songwriter. a multi-genre masterpiece that blends the best of the rest. enjoy!!!!

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Unsigned musicians can enter the Ernie Ball Play Crossroads contest to compete for a chance to perform live on the Ernie Ball Village Stage at the 2010 Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival (presented by T-Mobile) on June 26 in Chicago. The festival benefits the Crossroads Centre Antigua and will feature music from the legendary Eric Clapton and friends, including the Allman Brothers Band, BB King, Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck, John Mayer, Sheryl Crow, Steve Winwood, Vince Gill, ZZ Top and more. For more information, visit

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A music video is currently seeking images and video footage of soldiers in the field. Photos can include family, friends, anything that portrays images of a United States person in uniform. All interested participants should send photos and videos to There is no specification on location or mood of the images. To raise morale, this organization will also be sending copies of the album to thousands of soldiers around the world. For more information, please visit

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GET SIGNED AND PRODUCED BY AKON is now offering a music contest for a chance to be produced by AKON. The contest is accepting music from the following genres; country, hip-hop, R&B, top 100, pop and rock. For more information on the contest visit To go directly to the entry form, visit

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Giving Back Foundation contributes to relief for North Dakota ranchers devastated by flooding

Helena – The Giving Back Foundation (GBF), a Montana-based non-profit entity dedicated to helping ranchers and farmers nationwide whose lives and finances have been adversely affected by natural disasters, has pledged $1,500 to help farmers and ranchers devastated by catastrophic flooding and blizzards in North Dakota. GBF will contribute to a fund set up by the National Cattlemen’s Foundation (NCF), in cooperation with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA).

Family farm and ranch operations across North Dakota have been devastated by flooding caused by spring blizzards and near-record snowfall. Many families have been completely displaced from their homes. Some remain without power, potable water, and other utilities.  

Livestock losses are estimated to be nearing 100,000 head. Spring planting has already been delayed, which could lead to a shorter growing season, decreased yields and disease. Downed fences and other property damage have also added to the battle with Mother Nature, as hundreds of farmers and ranchers struggle to make repairs while keeping their operations functional.

The Giving Back Foundation is glad to help its neighbors in North Dakota as they work to keep their farms and ranches operating under these difficult conditions. For more information about GBF or how you can help, please visit, or call the Montana Stockgrowers Association at (406) 442-3420.

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