MkX drops new single


With so much variety in music to choose from today, it can be wicked difficult trying to find artists that are the real deal and making music that is different than anyone else yet still immersed in a modern, contemporary style that suits our current consciousness. An artist’s vulnerability is at the heart of distinguishing themselves from anyone else making similar sounds, and vulnerability can be expressed almost exclusively through the intimacy of their lyrics. Showing all of us that he’s as much of a poet as he is a show-stopping performer in person, MkX’s “One Sided Love” isn’t just a great dance anthem but also a loving look into its composers gentler, more private side.


In the timeline from his first releases to today, we’ve seen a lot of growth and maturity in MkX’s sound and approach to making a song. He still has a little more work to do in not drowning out some of the edgier moments in his music with treble-laced synthetizations, but “One Sided Love” is quite obviously his most accomplished piece to date, proudly highlighting his ability to be introspective as well as charismatic. And with such a widely appealing narrative, MkX is also showing us that his music doesn’t have a certain market attached to it, freeing him from any of the obligatory expectations that come with making a flat out “pop” or “rock” release. I get a strong sense of individuality in everything he’s given us so far, and I don’t expect that aspect of his artistic direction to change anytime soon (and God knows that anyone with half a wit wouldn’t want it to).


As much as I believe he rejects expectations and limitations associated with pop stars, MkX does exhibit a number of leadership qualities that could make him a good role model for artists just starting out and pursuing a career in this field. You can’t have an ego, you can’t have a hard time taking criticism, and you definitely can’t rely on other people in your scene to lead the way for your music to happen. If you’re like MkX, the only person you’re depending on is yourself when it comes to forging your own identity and brand, and that’s really the only way to get to the top without sacrificing your own soul or that of those around you.

The future is upon us, and it’s time to decide what we want our pop music to look and sound like as we enter the 2020’s bravely and without attachment to the past. Do we want music that celebrates indulgence and cheap pleasures, or do we want music that relates to the very nature of the human condition in a way that we can all find some solace in despite all of the noise and chaos surrounding us? I for one am hoping to see MkX’s style of feel good music come out as the dominating force, and if he keeps producing tracks like “One Sided Love,” my hopes will be satisfied in no time at all.


Clay Burton