MkX’s new song “right place, at the right time”

MkX’s new song “right place, at the right time”

A relationship is never as fragile as when two lovers begin to act stealthily, and in MkX’s new song “right place, at the right time,” the accomplished pop singer and songwriter attempts to breakdown such a hypothetical scenario inside of a roughly three-minute slow jam for the ages. MkX talks manipulation, patience, space, self-discipline, engaging in the masquerade and tearing the mask off once and for all in this track, and though he’s never been shy about touching on provocative subject matter in his music, he comes off as being even more eager to get his hands dirty in “right place, at the right time.” I’ve been listening to his work for a little over a year, and even though I had some pretty big expectations when I first sat down to review this latest release, I was pleasantly surprised to find a song as robust and vitality-filled as this one undeniably is. The bottom line? It’s another highpoint for an artist who hasn’t let his fans down yet.

right place, at the right time

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Unlike a lot of his contemporaries, who have been in love with the minimalist model throughout 2018 and 2019, MkX is digging into the grandiose tones of his first few songs here (only this time freeing himself of the limitations that had once prevented his music from getting too experimental). His most loyal fans will be the final judge, but for my money I think that he made the right decision in taking down all of the barriers between his ideas and the soundboard in “right place, at the right time” – not only does he sound more inspired in his vocal performance, but the music itself just seems to click a little better than it did in his last single.

MkX – right place, at the right time (Official Video)

Song Written + Produced by MkX Video Directed by Andy Koeger + Henry Drayton (HiDef the Chef) Lyrics: © 2019 MkX

I don’t see anything wrong with the cosmetics of this track, and perhaps even more important than that, there’s nothing present in the compositional construction of the song to suggest that MkX is losing his independent edge with all of the mainstream attention that he’s been getting this year. He isn’t changing his artistry, but rather finding his core sound through bold experimentation.


Surreal, swaggering and stunningly raw, “right place, at the right time” is the best song that I have had the chance to review so far from the musician known only as MkX. I don’t think he’s peaked yet, and my gut tells me that he’s still got another single of this caliber in his war chest and ready to drop anytime between now and New Year’s Eve, but debating the professional weight that this track could levy for its composer is meaningless after only a cursory examination of its first charismatic chorus. 2019 has been a really interesting year for pop music of all strains around the planet, and after it winds down in the next three months, singles like this one are going to be the final record of what this period in pop sounded and felt like. It’s a persona-defining number for MkX, and with any luck, just a glimpse into what will come next.

Clay Burton