MurkzOfficial Promising British Rapper in 2020 Releases Single “Wasting Time”

MurkzOfficial Promising British Rapper in 2020 Releases Single “Wasting Time”

MurkzOfficial is a promising British Rapper in 2020. He has released several singles and albums, among them Monopoly, Prequel, and buMbleebee. In early 2020 he released a new single titled “Wasting Time.”

“Wasting Time” is MurkzOfficial’s latest single. “Wasting Time,” tells a story about how someone’s life-changing. His song “Wasting Time” is presented in slow beat and in collaboration with Bxz. It can be listened through Spotify and other streaming music providers.

Some of MurkzOfficial’s songs were inspired by AJ Tracey, WSTRN, and Young Thug. He likes so much to the music style of Young Thug. Young Thug is an American rapper his crazy style, and his deep passion for music was inspired him to create some of his music. Young Thug is also played his role in music as a singer and songwriter. WSTRN has also inspired him due to their unique style and how they switch their sound whilst working together as a group. WSTRN, is a British musical collective consisting of, Haile, Louis Rei, and Akelle Charles. WSTRN debut single, “In2” peaked at number 4 on the UK Singles Chart. Another musician inspired MurkzOfficial is AJ Tracey because he is a role model to him as they grew up in the same area. Tracy was listed by The Guardian in a list of “best new acts to catch at festivals in 2016”.

Monopoly was inspired by WSTRN. Aybizz had a very catchy and playful verse. Bxz had a meaningful chorus which captivates the listeners due to his harmonic vocals. MurkzOfficial had a very fast-paced verse that had intelligent meaning behind every bar.

Essa Ali-Khan, or known as MurkzOfficial, is a young and talented British Rapper. He was born and Grew up in Westbourne Park, Brunel Estate. His music is also known around West-London. He started rapping at the age of 13. He started making music with his close friend AjiMaji. Both of them are a rapper-producer duo. At the age of 16, MurkzOfficial was releasing his first single “prequel” which made it to the radio. MurkzOfficial is also part of CaloWest, a group consisting of Bxz, MurkzOfficial, and Aybizz.

About MurkzOfficial
Essa Ali-Khan or well known as MurkzOfficial was born on 11th of March 2002. He is a British rapper. He started his career at 13. And began to release his first single at the age of 16. In early 2020 he releases a new single titled “Wasting Time.” His music career and records have made him become promising young artists this year. His unique style and music are on the right track and must be listened to. The year 2020 is looking like an extremely promising year for the young artist. He will make a mark in the UK music industry. For more information about his music, please visit


Murkzofficial, Category: Artist, Albums: buMblebee., Singles: Wasting Time, Monopoly, Prequel, Top Tracks: Monopoly, Hop Out, Wasting Time, Wings, One By One, Biography: Murkzofficial is a British rapper from West-London, in collaboration with the group Big Buzzer Entertainment., Monthly Listeners: 1642, Where People Listen: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Dublin