Music Video Review: Giovanna ‘Young Heart Player”

Music Video Review: Giovanna ‘Young Heart Player”

London based artist Giovanna has revealed her new music video titled ‘Young Heart Player’. Encapsulating Giovanna’s previous work for film scoring, the single and music video captures her talent for this area of work with the video perfectly enhancing the singles impassioned lyrics.

‘Young Heart Player’ as a song is an alluring piece of music. Instrumentally, the rhythmic percussion and descending synths work in harmony to create this infectiously ethereal atmosphere. Then in come Giovanna’s vocals that totally disrupt the prominence of the instrumentals, as her powerful voice soars to climax point in the tracks catchy chorus.

Produced by Liam Howe who has seen global success with the likes of FKA Twigs his production work, alongside Giovanna and Chanel Kiasi’s songwriting in ‘Young Heart Player’ builds to create a sultry yet sophisticated song.

‘Young Heart Player” as a music video is a heartrending piece of art. Starting off, the camera pans down the inside of a rustic abandoned building to find Giovanna lying somewhat lifeless on the floor. Then springing to life dance takes over the pairing of people in the video with both executing a beautifully choreographed dance sequence, one that is truly emotional in every move they make.

Ever since dipping her toes into the music industry with her debut single back in 2011, Giovanna has been making waves ever since. With the rate of success soaring with every new release, the future career for this singer-songwriter is looking undoubtedly bright.