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Membranes: RitzO2 Manchester May 5th 2018 by Sam Stevens

When you stand in the middle of a packed crowd already fluffed by a host of fantastic dynamic support acts,  then the headline act comes on and you immediately feel exhilarated, that viceral power, and all you can say, wide eyed and completely immersed , is WOW!! … you know you’re witnessing something special… VERY special.

Watching one Mr John Robb and his band the Membranes remind me and my musical sensibilities what true power, honesty, tradition, musical dynamism and the love of British Alternative Rock means to us. The membranes are important. John Robb is important, VERY important. He’s continuing an important tradition that’s vital to us Brits and the wider world… He’s a force of nature, relentless and should be lauded for the dedication to his art.   The front man was animated, on point and the lightening rod conducting not only the incredible energy the packed audience directed at the stage, but also the beauty of the sublime choral sections delivered by an onstage choir… Yes.. Punk/ Alternative Rock with an onstage Choir and it melded and worked perfectly creating a balance of light & shade that kept my proverbial sunglasses on the move throughout the event.

Instead of jumping around like much of the crowd, i found letting the whole experience transport me uninterrupted, letting the experience happen like your best ever 90’s Ecstasy trip was the way to approach it so I stood mesmerised on Saturday evening. People trying to talk to me , interrupt my buzz were given short shrift as I WANTED this. I wanted to experience every single second, every note from the first power chord to final crescendo. And the Membranes delivered. They delivered good!.

At times the Tidal Wave of a set list threatened to drag us under with the sheer power and energy, it was relentless, threatening and yet a beautiful sight, so good to experience. However the choral interjections gave us all pause for breath. The crowd of course prevailed, rode the waves and surfed them track after track until the final phrase with a Mr Robb’s sweating breathless vocal and his Fender Bass, which he wielded at times as a weapon of destruction and others a wand of incantation held high in triumph. A triumph he and the band truly deserved. Tracks like The Universe Explodes Into a Billion Photons Of Pure White Light, A Strange Perfume, Do The Supernova, Mother Ocean/Father Time, In The Graveyard, The 21stCentury Is Killing Me, and Myths and Legends were delivered seamlessly and with the delicacy of a choral reinvention for many of the tracks, the power of Black Is The Colour left the audience myself included, literally dripping with enthusiasm and completely sated.

I’m actually getting a buzz recalling the gig and writing this piece. With a broad smile on my face  if there’s any footnote to mention, it’s that THIS is what music is about. Its visceral, beautiful and very, very important and its only the likes of The Membranes and their excellent support acts The Cravats , Lovely Eggs,  Evil Blizzard, One Sided Horse, Sink Yah Teeth and Lines who keep this Punk/ alternative genre alive.

Something of a contradiction, John Robb delivers onstage brutal power and creativity and offstage is a real gent, kind and infinitely humble. I don’t think Mr Robb quite knows how important or how good he really is … so ..  tell him, appreciate what the Membranes do and do yourself a favour, support them, listen to them, see them live and ‘Ride the

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American High Hits #1 Locally And #26 Globally On The ReverbNation Worldwide Rock Charts


California rockers American High take the #1 spot for the local ReverbNation Rock Music Chart rankings, and the #26 spot in the chart rankings globally. Check out American High on ReverbNation today as they take the music world by storm.

American High are a punk and 60’s influenced indie/alternative rock quartet from Sacramento, California. They play ‘catchy tunes with dark themes’. “Cheye Calvo” is their new single following their successful debut full-length “Bones  In The Attic, Flowers In The Basement.”
Their sound and lyrics have an optimistic perspective on the personal, the social and the political.

Check out the interview with Doug Johnson in Louder Than War here:

American High’s new single “Cheye Calvo” is taking the radio airwaves by storm, with it catchy hooks and delivery, while actually talking about poignant political atrocities (No Knock Search Warrants) in America today.

Google Cheye Calvo to be horrified and then listen to “Cheye Calvo” to see American High’s bold attempt to bring attention to a horrific problem faced daily in the United States, yet no one but American High is ballsy enough to talk about it.

Listen to American High on ReverbNation and share “Cheye Calvo”, their latest single with everyone you know, lets bring attention to the illegality of No Knock Search Warrants while sending the single to the top of the charts, as it is an amazing single with an incredible story for the world to hear.

Check out American High on ReverbNation here:

Follow American High on Twitter @AmericanHigh1

For interviews or more information contact

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“NO”: Revolushn by Eileen Shapiro

I’m not sure if he’s on the brink of insanity, or the smartest person on the planet…..however I do know that “NO”, the mastermind behind Revolushn is one of the best musicians in this realm of the universe, and probably one of the nicest free spirits one can ever hope to meet.

Starting his musical endeavors at age 5, when stealing his brother’s guitar, “NO”, had his first band at age eleven. He became one of the most sort after studio guitarists , hanging output with artists such as Rod Stewart, Devo, Berlin, No Doubt and other top headlining bands. Finally deciding to craft his own sound, he formed  Revolushn , a protest, Psych factions….and the rest is destine to become history …..

Explain “Weird Little Minds”, the inspiration behind it, the message behind it and the video….

The song is about the times we are living in now. We might be at a kind of crossroads now and in this important time, well, look who is calling the shots. And I don’t just mean Trump. Take your pick, Putin, that crazy fucker Duterte in the Philippines, Than Shaw in Myanmar. And the thing about all of them is that while they might have street smarts, none of them are really smart, like 21stcentury smart, none of them are big thinkers or creative, loving humans. They are just Weird Little Minds that invade our consciousness. With small hands!

But the song is positive, as we believe there is sufficient protest happening all around the world to eventually put an end to those kinds of leaders. The young people are not like that and will change the world for the better.  We hope that will be the distinction of the new generation.

What’s next for Revolushn?

Well, first I have to get over my fucking existential crisis! As the singer for Revolushn it is now up to me to figure out which songs to sing and how to sing them. And that will give a direction and a style to the next album. I mean everyone helps but I am the one who has to put a facenoise the songs. So my problem is that we have so many styles and types of music that we can do well that it makes it hard to choose. It is like I am a kid in a candy store. Everything tastes good but where do you start?

So anyway, at the moment Revolushn is in the song writing and recording mode. Dekay and I are writing up a storm and I am in the studio pretty much every day. Revolushn is made up of very talented, working musicians so we all have other projects we are into as well. Q is the lead singer for The Wyatt Act and plays bass for several other bands, Decay is in like 10 other bands and projects, Young Son is in Wyatt and Doctor Striker with Q, Ileen has a very popular podcast in Russia and does our videos on top of being a master artist as well. She gets art commissions all the time.

But even with all that going on I expect we will be releasing a single in mid-May and have an album by end of July. We now have over 60 new songs to choose from so the issue is picking the ones that stand out and fit together. Oh, and that I can sing well.

NO, give the world some history of whom you really are musically… who you’ve played with, what influences your music, and when you started playing music.

Well, I like to think that I just started yesterday. I mean I am constantly learning how much I don’t know. I have been lucky to play with a lot of really great musicians and artists, too many to name really. I was a studio cat in Los Angles back in the day. That is where Dekay and I met. The two of us, along with a really great bass player were kind of like the Wrecking Crew because we played on hundreds of tracks. A lot of unknowns but several big names too. We worked like every day. I was also in a band called The Rub that had a local hit in LA and we played live a lot. We were coming up about the time Berlin had their first album and we did shows with those guys. As for influences, Hendrix was a big influence on me as was Carlos Montoya. I was also into Claude Debussy and Mozart when I was very young. Never was knocked out by Schubert though.

I started playing music when I was four or five. My brother had a guitar he never played and I would sneak into his room and play all day while he was at work.

Why is it that you have this very special sense of freedom or free spirit that seems to be the essence of your persona?

Wait, I am married. What freedom? Ha ha. Just kidding Ileen. I don’t know, I remember when I was very young I fell out of a tree and for a couple minutes thought I would die. But I wasn’t scared and from that point on I thought that if dying is the worst thing that can happen and it isn’t that bad, well, why worry. As a teenager I decided to eliminate fear from my life. Still working on that one.

About 10 years ago I was in a plane crash that reminded me of the time I fell out of the tree. Well, except a lot worse. And while I got banged up I lived through that one too. Another thing might be that I have not had a real job for at least 20 years. I mean every once and a while I take labor jobs just to stay humble but there is no pressure to even get paid.  No real bosses except myself so I am more or less free to do whatever. I still have responsibilities but now it is only the ones that I choose to have. Like showing up on time for a gig. I never miss a gig.

Can you recall your proudest moment in the music business?

Well, I wouldn’t call it proud but I know what you mean. I have had those moments often but recent ones were when Dinosaurs (song from the album Further!!) hit 100,000 views. Wow. And when we hit the next big thing playlist on Spotify. And when we did a show in New York City and Randy Jones from the Village People sat in with us. He is such a sweet guy. I was never a big Village People fan and never thought I would play be playing YMCA, much less have such a blast doing it.

How has your life changed since meeting Ilene?

So I don’t spend half my time looking for girls anymore. But seriously, she has made me a much better person. She is such a wonderful. beautiful woman and she likes me for who I am. She says I am an alien. She finds that interesting. Having her in the band was hard a couple of times but we now have a system for dealing with the BS. Sometimes I look over at her while we are doing a song and it is the coolest fucking thing on earth.

Any more words on Revolushn ?

I think Revolushn will be one of those bands that stays together for 40 years. We get along great, there is no real outside pressures that get through our bubble and we like each other’s songs. What could go wrong?

Revolushn will begin putting together a new set soon and start doing shows in July or August. Maybe September. Due to our backwards nature we seem to like touring in the winter. The shitty weather makes us play better.

Any new projects for No?

Oh yea. So I am doing a punkie, bluesy-rock album with the band I was in when I was in high school. Couple years back they (Ed O’Meara and Eddie Spaghetti) sat in with Revolushn at a concert we did in Wisconsin. It was awesome seeing them and to find out they could still play well.  So two months ago we got together in California and wrote and tracked several songs. I am now in the process of mixing and mastering that album. It is real good. I am also playing bass with a band called Ryvo and the Revolving Door that has a jazzy, folky type of sound. Real good.

And for fun I am putting together a sort of rap, rock, EDM set that I can do live. I use a ton of effects on my guitar and a high-end drum machine that I can program on the fly. That is scary and fun.

During my last ayahuasca ceremony the spirits told me to get out and play live more often for humans so I am going to start busking in San Francisco. I have a friend who does that at the Bart Station and he says it is a hoot!

For more info if you dare:

twitter @RevolushnBand




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Hub Reynolds Jr.: “Country Star of the Ages”


Incredible!  That’s the only way to describe the music and persona of country western sensation Hub Reynolds Jr.  I have to admit although I’ve interviewed thousands, Hub Reynolds has the most compelling story, similar to a Phoenix rising from the ashes. His foreordination lies within his music, and a career that was unexpectedly essential for him to pursue.


Lyrics come easy for him and his confidence runs high. He has  magically created a road that spells success for himself even after a difficult, and impossible couple of years. Aside from being a songwriter, story teller and singer, he is also an inventor, having created a unique product explained within our conversation.


A true country artist, Hub was raised in the midst of song and music, but wound up with a construction business. Eventually losing his business, millions and a couple of wives he wound up homeless, destitute, and hopeless. His experiences have helped him tell a story, and has motivated his success…here is his destiny…a tale of hope and inspiration…


“I really shouldn’t be here…I’ve got a life you wouldn’t believe”…from the artist.


Hub, how are you?


So…what do you wanna do, how do you wanna do it, and what do you wanna know…?


Talk to you, ask you questions, and everything you want the world to know…we already know that you’re a musician, but you are also a unique inventor …..let’s start there.


Well.. while I was homeless, you know I was homeless for six years and I finally got out of the street after six years last September… and while I was in the street in my little trailer box that I made a house out of I was working with Gypsy Rose Jewelry. I met Tracie and she was a photographer. I started out making jewelry for her company. I was hands-on, I can do anything with my hands, and I helped her out. Then she gave me some leather and I started making my own leather jewelry. I made leather raps like the Gladiators wore and called them HRJ Leather Raps. I was initialing them and selling them for studio money. I sold a couple of hundred of them for about $30-$50 each. Well, while I was homeless a biker crew came over to Walmart where I was living. They would bring me food or money or party and come over to visit with me and treat me like a person, not a homeless person. They all had these oil pens that they smoked, …. marijuana pens. I was making leather bracelets and everything and one of them said “why don’t you make a something to put these things in to kind of hide it”? I told them I would figure something out, and I invented this Leather  holster for these oil pens that has the marijuana in it. I invented it for the Harley Davidson bikers and they bought a couple of hundred of them. So now I’m releasing it. It’s called, “The Hubster”.  I tied in my name, it’s a holster which keeps it western and ties it into country music….I love marketing. It’s called “The Hubster” for your quick draw convenience. My invention has just been released to the world…



You’re an amazing person.


I don’t know why God gave me such energy Eileen….and you know what, I almost committed suicide. I almost took an overdose twice, I fell asleep behind the wheel, got hit by lightning, and almost hung myself twice….over a woman….over a wife. After I lost my corporation, I lost millions, but I paid everybody back, and I was broke afterwards….and she threw me in the street. But look, I’m still alive for a reason, because I believe in God and I believe I’m alive for a reason because he wants me to do something. I did 25 years of construction, and then somebody heard me singing while I was trying to reproduce Hub senior’s old classics and sent me to Nashville…. because they thought I was good enough to sing. Since then I’ve had two movie studios interested in my life story. God put me in a box and I’ve written 30 songs out of that story. I have documented this entire journey.


I didn’t know why I did it, but I did it. I took videos of this entire journey. I did 33,000 miles across America six times in my truck. I had no water, no electricity, and nobody knows that because I didn’t carry myself like a homeless person. I figured out how to wash, I figured out how to keep my clothes clean, and I walked the street like a man, but I went to bed at night in a 6 x 10 box trailer for 1920 days. Nobody knows that. I don’t want to die, and if I can’t go back to construction, and God thinks I can sing, I will use my talent and my brains and good looks, and get back home to my two boys who are in Georgia. They are my heart. My wife threw me in the street and I almost killed myself because of her. So now, I’m going to come back as Frank Sinatra. The best revenge is massive success….


So when did you start singing?


I was born on September 24th, and my real name is Russel Melvin Reynolds. My nick name is Rusty. I almost went with Rusty Reynolds as a country western artist, but…it just didn’t have the ring and I had to get a fan base. Hub Reynolds already had a fan base. He’s my supposed  Uncle… Hub Reynolds was my uncle, Melvin Reynolds was my father. Hub Reynolds got out of the service and went to live with his brother Melvin for a while. His brother thought he was fucking his wife and there’s a chance that Hub Reynolds my uncle is my real father. I graduated school with three “F’s”, two “A’s”, ….I hated school. I was dumb as shit. Then I got smart as hell out of school. I had no clue I could do all this. I decided what I was gonna do when I was living on the street and I put Hub’s music on cassette and I found a record label producer in Atlanta who would help me. I was in an $80,000 dollar Mercedes heading to Atlanta with a producer. We had a cassette on the seat plugged into the CD of his car and Hub’s old songs playing while I was singing to them. He turned off the radio and said, ” boy keep singing”. I kept singing and he said “I don’t understand why you aren’t doing what your uncle or your father or whoever he was did”. He said, ” dude you got exactly what it takes”. He said, “Let’s start on one of yours”.


So one of the first ones I wrote was “Country Girls Smile”. They sent me to Nashville on September 11, 2013 on a Sunday. I came there to the studio on Monday morning and I had never been in a vocal box in my life. I dressed for success. I had my uniform on, bucket hat, belt, you name it. No one knew me, I shook hands, and they thought I was a star, but I was nervous as hell. I went in the vocal box and they started playing the music that the studio house band put together, and I was singing to it. They started picking and playing to my style and I came out of the box after 45 minutes. Those young college kids in the band were so inspired by my style…they thought I it was awesome. The music came out great. I did the vocals in two cuts, they waved me out of the box and I was so nervous. I said, ” I know I could do better”… he said, ” what are you talking about, that was magic”.


I walked out with a CD and thanked the lord and hit the streets, getting it out there as much as I could. I went right to a radio station in Lebanon that had a contest called “Buy it or Burn it”. I walked in and asked for the production manager, she came out, and I gave her my song. It usually takes 30 days for a song to be played and she played mine the next afternoon. They played me at 4:00 and the fans voted and I won the contest. Then they played it again at 6:00 in Nashville on Tuesday evening. Thursday I got so confident I walked right in to Hank Williams Jr’s office and I talked to someone in his camp. He told me I was a star but that I needed 40/50 thousand dollars for him to represent me and I said, “Fuck man, I’m a homeless Son of a bitch”. I walked out of there and thought ” If I ain’t got the money, I’ll do this by myself”! Ever since then I’ve been working 18 to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I swear on my children’s life to make this work. You know what….I just want a simple house and to go back to my children. If the fame and fortune comes, I’m going to help a lot of people, and they are going to have to listen to my story.


I know you get a lot of support through social media and radio throughout the country, do you have any particular supporters you would like to thank?


My biggest and number one supporter and mentor for me and my music has been Bruce Jackson from the Blast FM Radio Network. Check him out at www.blastfmsocial.mediaFollow him on twitter @BruceWayne22


Check out Hub Reynolds Hit Single “Hell I’m Just Me” on Reverbnation Here:


“Hell I’m Just Me” is being re-released worldwide on May 10th, 2018


Follow Hub Reynolds Jr on Twitter @HubReynoldsJR

Follow The Original Hubster on Twitter @TheHubsterHRJ

Purchase The Original Hubster sold




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The FM’s “Eyes Are Suffering” by Harry Wells


A smashingly devastatingly powerful once of decadent Goth best describes The FMs. From out of nowhere lead singer Matt Namer prances upon the unsuspecting listener with his music and enlightenment with a true excitement felt to the bone. You’re not sure initially if you’re being  tortured or saved, in the best possible way. Then all at once you realize, these guys care about the world and intend to try and change it.

Everything about this audacious faction is “out of the box” from their lyrics to their awe inspiring videos, giving Goth a gold medal. Their newest song, “Eyes Are Suffering”, in the words of Namer ……”We wanted to create an anthem against ignorance and complacency”. The band dives deeply into their beliefs in this song, and adds a haunting, unforgettable sonic sensibility to their meaningful lyrics.

This is a group to watch, and to watch carefully as they have potential to rise above the goth world and actually be taken very seriously. Their motto is “We’re trying to save the world without being dicks”…. you just have to love a band like that !!


For More Information:

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Thadeus Gonzalez Releases New Single “A Murder When I Sing” On Friday April 27th, 2018

Spectra Music Group recording artist Thadeus Gonzalez is releasing his highly anticipated new single “A Murder When I Sing” off his latest album “Silver Inside” on Friday April 27th, 2018. Now available for pre-order, reserve your copy today!

Rock musician Thadeus Gonzalez has earned international critical acclaim, and has been called €œ”a frontman to watch”€ with “€œan arena looking and sounding attitude.”€ He’€™s opened for KISS, Motley Crue, Slash and in 2017, Bon Jovi at the SAP Center in San Jose.

The highly anticipated new single “A Murder When I Sing” follows the successful release of the first single “Silver Inside” and it’s music video filmed at Soundwave Studios in Oakland.  The video harnesses the dynamic live performance that has earned Thadeus Gonzalez critical praise. Gonzalez explains that the song is about “being self-aware enough to understand where I am, and where I want to be.” “Silver Inside” was written by Gonzalez and recorded with Richards on bass, Dennis Hill on guitar, and Nathan Walker (Lit) on drums. Hill (Hagar/Satriani, Lit, Good Charlotte) also produced and Kyle Homme (Matt Costa, Sugarcult, Reel Big Fish) mixed.

Pre-order  your copy of “A Murder When I Sing” by Thadeus Gonzalez on iTunes here:

Follow Thadeus Gonzalez  on Twitter @ThadeusGonzalez

The official website for Thadeus Gonzalez may be found at

The official website for The Spectra Music Group may be found at

Follow the Spectra Music Group on Twitter @SpectraMusicInc

For interviews or more information contact

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Ladylake Music and Jimmy Star (World Star PR) Reach Finals of Nashville Universe Music Awards 2018


World-renowned music promoter Ladylake Music and publicist Jimmy Star from World Star PR make the final round of the 5th Annual Nashville Universe Awards. Voting Ends September 15th, support these two incredible talents today!

Nashville Universe is a 24,000+ member community of artisans, fans and related industry who all believe in the power of great art! Since 2013, our community has grown to include singers, songwriters, recording artists, musicians, producers, film makers, actors, celebrities, and all their fans; plus many prominent members of the related industries – including managers, agents, promoters, and executives from recording labels, publishing companies, performance venues, and entertainment organizations.

Nashville Universe provides many opportunities for the artistic members to showcase their talents and connect with fans, including the annual NASHVILLE UNIVERSE AWARDS show held in downtown Nashville, a booth hosting artists and celebrities at the annual Fan Fair X during CMA Fest in Nashville, and multiple showcases throughout the festival and numerous contests and showcases throughout the year.

LadyLake Entertainment, an eleven year strong independent arts promotional company headed by Cindy D’Adamo, has just gotten word that their recent global inter-company project “South By Down Under” has resulted in their highest social media reach ever, with a 120M score as reported by the independent analysis company, Sum All.

Founder of #SXDU along with: the Envision Indie Coalition, a collective of 20+ independent arts companies, Project Encourage – Music For Vets, and Charity Umbrella- Musicians Paying It Forward, LadyLake is creating waves of change throughout the independent arts community.

With award-winning artists, trending media, regional sponsor Texas Select Beverage Company, and roster sponsor “Light Up The Love”, LadyLake is on the move in 2018 with events in Boston, Texas, Vegas and Florida on the way. “Karma is our Business” is their company mantra, and karma indeed seems to be on their side, as they compete in the final round at the Nashville Universe Awards.
Roster info:
For info:

Jimmy Star is the internationally known television/radio host of The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell, the #1 Webshow in the world with 4.5 million weekly listeners/viewers, bringing the best in celebrity interviews, comedy, music and entertainment every Wednesday from 3-5 pm ET on



Co-founder of World Star PR with NY Times best-selling author Eileen Shapiro, World Star PR is  the Go-To alternative for actors, filmmakers, models, musicians, authors and other entertainment professionals.
We have great reach, great industry relations and work diligently to get your the results you are looking for.
Company Specialties:
-Music Promotion/Interviews
-Social Media Management
-Digital Marketing and Publicity
-Business Marketing and Public Relations
-Consulting/Image Building/Branding
-Feature Film (Theatrical and Home Entertainment) Publicity and Promotion
-Web Series Publicity and Promotion
-Social Media Training
-Author/Book Promotion
-Event Management, Marketing and Promotion
-Media Relations
Get the best results for the best prices with World Star PR
Contact us:

Please support Ladylake Music for Best Promoter and Jimmy Star for Best Publicist in the 5th Annual Nashville Universe Music Awards.

To vote, go to and create an account. Once completed hit the VOTE NOW button at the top of the page to vote for all the categories. Make sure to vote for Ladylake Music (Best Promoter) and Jimmy Star (Best Publicist) while voting on all the amazing categories.

It’s FUN, FREE & GREAT NETWORKING with amazingly talented singers, producers, bands, filmmakers, musicians and more.

Follow Ladylake Music on twitter @LadylakeMusic
Follow Jimmy Star on twitter @DrJimmyStar
Follow Nashville Universe on twitter @NashvilleUnivers


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Andie Duquette To Release Spectra Music Group Debut Single “Nothin’ On Me” Friday April 20th, 2018


Andie Duquette is releasing her Spectra Music Group debut single “Nothin’ On Me” Friday April 20, 2018. Now available for pre-order, reserve your copy today!

Andie Duquette is a Canadian country rock singer from Montreal, Quebec. She’s been known to favor a dab of “edge” in her personal brand of country music, whether we talk about her strong and direct “women first” lyrics to some of her more robust songs. You’ll find Andie to be somewhere between Shania Twain and Miranda Lambert but there’s no mistaking it: this country girl is definitely rock’n roll and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

In 2013 Andie was a contestant of the hit TV show “The Voice”, Quebec’s version of “The Voice”, where she was a strong semi-finalist. Tino Izzo (Celine Dion, Bobby Bazini, The Wilkinson’s, Roch Voisine, Garou, Jacynthe, Yuna Ito, Saya to name a few) asked to work with her. Tino and Andie started working together in 2014, putting in countless hours and
working hard to develop something distinct, something totally Canadian, and something they feel absolutely committed to. Andie, in the meantime, released her 1st solo French album in her native Quebec in 2015 where she was extremely well received.

Now signed to the Spectra Music Group, Andie Duquette is preparing to release her debut album “Here We Are” in late summer 2018.

Watch the “Nothin’ On Me” music video here:

Call and request the “Nothin’ On Me”  by Andie Duquette at your favorite country radio station today!

Pre-Order your copy of “Nothin’ On Me” by Andie Duquette on iTunes in the United States here:

The official site for The Spectra Music Group may be found at
Follow Andie Duquette on Twitter @AndieDuquette
Follow the Spectra Music Group on Twitter @SpectraMusicInc

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Paisley Fields “Glitter & Sawdust” Album Release Party Thursday April 12th, 2018 Brooklyn, New York


Country Superstar Paisley Fields is having his highly anticipated “Glitter & Sawdust” album release party  on Thursday April 12th, 2018 at C’mon Everybody in Brooklyn, New York from 8-11 pm ET with Karen and the Sorrows and Mylo.

Paisley Fields are a queer country band, unapologetic about pushing boundaries and seeking inspiration in the unexpected. Though lead singer James Wilson is inspired by country musicians like Dolly Parton & Gram Parsons, he wanted Paisley Fields’ music to reflect the modern world.

Paisley Fields have shared the stage with En Vogue, Daniel Romano, Bonnie McKee, Mya, The Difibulators, & Taylor Dayne.

Notable performances: Brooklyn Country Music Festival Nashville Pride
Brooklyn Music Festival Evolvement Radio
New York City & Brooklyn Pride Queer Music Festival
WDVX Blue Plate Special Louisville Pride

Pittsburgh City Paper writes “While Paisley Fields have a good bit in common with contemporary country – rich production, songs with pop bones and twangy accents – the band probably won’t be touring with Toby Keith anytime soon. They’re a refreshing change from country radio.”

The Paisley Fields will be playing great new music including their single “The Door”  which is about loving and supporting friends and loving yourself, and is the first single off the soon to be released new album “Glitter & Sawdust”.

Get your copy of “The Door” by Paisley Fields here:

Check out the new music video for the first single  “The Door” by Paisley Fields here:

Support great music at the Paisley Fields “Glitter & Sawdust” album release party with Karen and the Sorrows and Mylo at C’mon Everybody located at  325 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11238.

Follow Paisley Fields on Twitter @ThePaisleyField

For more information contact

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Ghostly Beard To Release New Single “Going Away” On Monday April 2nd, 2018


Visionary recording artist Ghostly Beard is releasing his highly anticipated new Classic Rock single “Going Away” on Monday April 2nd, 2018. “Going Away” is the second single off the soon to be released album “Inward” now available for pre-order!

There is an enigmatic bigfoot-like character that just came out of the woods after 15 years of being lost. He goes by the handle Ghostly Beard, and he’s a multi-instrumentalist and visionary artistic entity with a boundlessly creative sweep that encompasses soft rock, jazz, prog-rock, fusion, pop, classic rock and more….

Ghostly Beard’s kaleidoscopic creativity has garnered him comparisons to such diverse artists as Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, James Taylor, Genesis, XTC, Cat Stevens, Weather Report, Michael Franks and Chicago. He crafts immersive dreamy sonic landscapes that emotionally blur the line between dark catharsis and subtle rays of hope.

“Going Away” is the second single from the upcoming album “Inward,” Ghostly Beard’s third studio album, which will be released worldwide on May 4th, 2018.

“Inward” is now available for pre-order on iTunes in the United States here:

All the net benefits of the sales from the “Inward” album will benefit MusiCounts, a charity whose mission is to ensure that all children and youth in Canada have access to music education.

“Going Away” will be available on Monday April 2nd, 2018. Support great indie music and get your copy of “Going Away” by Ghostly Beard as well as pre-ordering “Inward” on digital sites worldwide.

Call and request “Going Away” at your favorite Rock radio stations today!

For interviews or more information contact


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Andy Michaels: Revisited


Australian singer/songwriter sings like an angel. He’s a lyrical anomaly, and a phenomenal poet. He has just released a new full length album called “Revisited”, an eclectic collection of inspiration. He defies genre bounties and has a fan for each song….

I shared questions with Andy regarding his music, his sensitivity and his compassionate way of creating music. The album is compelling and captivating and nearly addicting. ….

You are very poetic, do you write your songs from “life” experiences?


I guess most Artists are modern day Sponge Bobs (Haha, yes I have a 4yo
daughter ! ) in that  they absorb and reflect what is going on in their
personal lives and what is going on around them.
I am very sensitive  and intuitive to that  and  am also very spiritual,
although probably not in a strict religious sense.
I get inspiration from words that seem simple but convey enormous power,
and I try to convey that compassion and hope in my songs. Everyone remembers
these sayings :
“Some men see the world as it is and say ‘Why?’ I see the world as it could
be and say, ‘Why not?”
‘We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope”
These words were said over 40 years  ago and are still timeless, but do they
have any  less  power and relevance today ? I think not!

Who were your musical influences growing up?


My mother was my inspiration and I remember her playing Cat Stevens to me when I was like, 5
years old and I was thinking wow, that’s awesome !
At high school everyone was listening to Queen, Deep Purple  or  AC/DC and
when it was my turn, I put on Neil Young or Leonard Cohen, or someone else
with cool lyrics, and my friends would say “What the **** was that !”. So
many Artists have  deservedly  become famous for their lyrics and others for
their melodies, it’s the ones that have the exceptional gift for both, like
the Beatles, that become immortal legends.

Do you plan on touring in support of your new album?


When I finish and release my next album, yes definitely. I have so much wonderful new material
that I am restless and impatient to get it “off my chest”. I would rather
tour with 25 or 30 great songs that people know  and love rather than just a
dozen. If I did that the show would be over in a hour !


You sing like an angel, or at least the way I’d picture an angel
singing….do you have a favorite song on “Revisited” that your most proud
of it that you love performing live?

I am proud of all of them and I think it was radio station in Canada
that said, “there’s a song  on there (Revisited ) for every age and genre.” I
write from my heart and my soul and I think most listeners pick that up
straight away.

” Lucretia’s Eylandt” is special as it is based on a true story (the wreck
of the Dutch East Indies Ship “Batavia” and the resulting massacre of over
300 people, including women and children, over 350 years ago. Although kept
as concubine ,Lucretia was one of the very few survivors and the song is
about her). It has everything, unspeakable Horror, love, lust, heroism etc
and  is just a classic good vs evil story. It will be a major international
film blockbuster one day and I just hope I will still be around to see it !
“Will there be Love”  still gives me goosebumps when I perform it, it’s a
very moving and reflective song

If you could have your ultimate stage fantasy what would have to



Just having someone come to see you perform is already the ultimate
fantasy come true. Honestly, what more could a performer want ? Anyone that
cares to give up their time  for you are already special. They may come from
all walks of life, or maybe they are busy and  going through their own
personal issues and emotions, but they have still come to see you, because
there is something in your music that they connect to. The stage fantasy is
when you hope  there is a little part of you that they take away, but it
gets deeper than that.
I got an email from a woman recently whose daughter had been tragically
murdered and she said  listening to “Angel” finally gave her closure and
some peace  after so many  years of grief.
That’s when it’s not  fantasy anymore, it’s a soulful and emotional

What inspired you to become a part of the music industry? 


I was born and brought up in a remote rural area of Western Australia,
where you had to create your own fun and entertainment. My mother sang and
played guitar, and every Sunday after the ritual local footy was finished ,
everyone would stay and be enthralled by her singing and her playing guitar
by the camp fire. It was probably only her only respite from raising seven
kids in brutal and harsh conditions. I remember thinking then how much music
can change peoples’ lives and whether you were a footballer, a burly local
farmer, a housewife, a local school teacher, or a farm labourer, music was
the ONE common factor that brought them all together at ONE time. My mum
never stopped encouraging me from the first time I picked up a guitar, and
although she has now passed , her wonderful legacy will stay with me

What advice would you give the younger Andy?


Just be yourself. I know that’s a cliché but its true. We were ALL born into
this world as blessed, talented and unique individuals. Our purpose in life
is simply to find AND  be yourself. We are not here  to please someone
else’s ego or conform to their expectations, however well meaning they might
be. Just Follow your dreams , that’s why we have them !


Social media links are

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American High: Rebel Activist

One of the most prolific, relevant, vibrant, and well-hidden activists is the mastermind of American High Doug Terry. American High is a band for the people! Their anti-war songs on their last album “Bones in the Attic, Flowers in the Basement” created a buzz before fans even realized it was a dedication to the war on war, as their orgasmic melodies and decadent harmonies resonated sonic pop culture at it’s very best.


Now the band’s long and highly anticipated new single has just been released, as entitled “Cheye Calvo” another alt-rock/ pop phenomenon dedicated to the good of mankind. Caring only that their message be presented and their music be heard the band donates the proceeds from their music to food banks and their lives to being creative.


American High is one of the centuries most important bands to arise, aside from being a blast to listen to. “Cheye Calvo” is catchy, fun and commercially accommodating, as well contagiously relevant. Watch for it on cd baby and all the other Digital venues within the next couple of days.
With those who don’t know who Cheye Calvo is and you’re too lazy to Google it, what’s the story behind that?


In July of 2008 in Maryland, USA,  a man named Cheye Calvo returned to his suburban home after having walked one of his dogs.  Inside he found a scene of absolute horror.  Over a dozen highly armed and violent intruders had broken into his house.  His mother was bound and lying face down on the kitchen floor in tears.  Then Mr. Calvo heard the terrifying screams of his wife.  She too had been bound and forced face down on the floor.  Then the Calvo family watched in horror as the their two beloved dogs were shot and killed.  One was shot in the back as he ran away.  The intruders spent the next four hours systematically destroying the home.  They destroyed furniture, broke cabinets and tracked the blood of his pets throughout the entire house.  When the ordeal was over the assailants simply left.  They didn’t even have the common decency to apologize.

The violent intruders were not street gang members. They were not foreign military invaders. They were not ‘illegal aliens’. The intruders were police officers.

County police conducted a ‘no knock’ warrant on Mr. Calvo’s home that day after a package of marijuana was randomly mailed to his address by drug smugglers.  The smugglers picked the homes of unsuspecting citizens and delivered drugs to their front porches, apparently to be picked up later before anyone noticed.  This time police noticed and busted into Mr. Calvo’s home looking for evidence.  They found none.  That was because Mr. Calvo was not involved in drugs or the drug trade at all.  Cheye Calvo was the mayor of the town.

A ‘no knock’ search warrant is one in which police are given the insane authority to break into and enter any American home they see fit (except in Oregon and Florida).  They are not required to announce themselves first and almost universally enter homes armed and ready for a gun fight.  Often clothed in all black with no identifiable law enforcement markings, people have no way of knowing the identity of the people breaking in.  Could they be robbers?  Rapists?  Murderers?  Pedophiles coming for your children?  Honestly, if you were woken up in the middle of the night by an explosion, loud shouting and gunfire would your first thought be it’s the police?  Most of these raids are conducted in the dark, predawn hours and it is common for police to first use flashbang grenades.  Flashbangs cause temporary blindness and disorientation.  They also critically injure babies if tossed into the baby’s crib (Habersham County, Georgia 5/14).  Many pets have been killed in front of their owners during these sickeningly  common raids.  Worst of all, men, women, children, even the elderly have been murdered by police during botched ‘no knock’ raids.  Even police officers themselves have been killed during these high risk and immoral home invasions. Over 100 ‘no knock’ warrants are executed each day in the US.

In December of 2013 police executed a ‘no knock’ warrant in Somerville, Texas. The homeowner, a recently returned combat veteran, believed he was being attacked by criminals. He did what any rational person would do under the circumstances. He armed himself and defended his home, himself and his girlfriend. Tragically, a police officer was shot and killed during the ensuing gun fight.  Again, no one in the house was involved in drugs and amazingly both occupants made it out of that house alive.  Instead of an apology, the war hero was put on trial for murder. Thankfully the Texas jury saw the truth and found him not guilty.  But that officer’s wife and children are still without a father and husband.   Apparently their pain and suffering are simply necessary evils so that people can’t smoke pot.  Between 2010 and 2016 dozens of civilians and eight officers were killed during the execution of no-knock warrants.

Currently in the U.S. over a million people are in prison for nonviolent drug crimes.  More than 30,000 Mexican nationals have been murdered in northern Mexico in the past several decades, a direct result of our prohibition laws.  Police corruption in Mexico (and the U.S.) is a well known fact.  Are mass murders in Mexico any less tragic than mass murders in the U.S.?  We don’t think so.  We think using drugs is a bad idea, but we think murdering people is so much worse.  After billions of dollars, countless lives lost and the ignoring of our natural born rights, more people smoke pot today than the day it was made ‘illegal’.


Part of the problem is the militarization of our local police departments. In all honesty, what on earth does the local police department need with a tank?  How about armored personnel carriers?  Street sweepers?  Police today even have body armor which rivals our men and women fighting in foreign wars.  Why?  Search ‘militarization of police in america’  on Youtube and see for yourself.

With our new single ‘Cheye Calvo’ American High presents this question:  which is worse?  Fellow citizens using drugs or police breaking into their homes and killing them in the dead of night?  A better question is this: do drug prohibition laws even work at all?  Americans in 1933 didn’t think so.  That year alcohol prohibition was ended because it lead to crippling police corruption, the mass murder of innocents, the filling of our prisons with nonviolent alcohol offenders and most importantly, it didn’t stop anyone from drinking.  Prohibition laws do not work. They didn’t work then, and they do not work now.


If ‘no knock’ police invasions are necessary in the war on drugs we say end the war on drugs.  We think most people would agree that burning babies and murdering innocent people is much worse than letting people use drugs.  And those are our choices.  There isn’t a third.

‘No knock’ warrants are unnecessary and they erode trust between government and the people. They lead to terror, PTSD, injury and death and we believe they are a clear violation of the peoples’ rights.

The real question is this: exactly who is making money from drug prohibition laws?  Just like ‘deep throat’ said to Woodward and Bernstein during the Watergate scandal:  follow the money!

You tend to write the happiest melodies to the scariest subjects. Why do you think that happens? And is it on purpose?


Well, we write songs that we would like to hear ourselves.  We love lots of bands.  Most of them write catchy and clever songs.  That’s what we like, so probably that’s why the songs come out that way.  Or at least we hope they do.  Bands in the 60s and 70s wrote catchy songs with serious, even dark subjects.  Political songs, anti-war songs, anti-tax songs, songs about people who were wrongly imprisoned.  But they are good songs.  The kind that you find yourself tapping your foot to and humming later.  We think songs are more interesting when they are multi-layered.  Books like ‘Lord of the Flies’ and ‘Animal Farm’ can be seen as stories about kids on an island or animals taking over a farm.  But there are deeper meanings for those who care to look.  I guess that’s why we are still talking about them decades later.  They appeal to many different people for many different reasons.


We think there are many things going on in the world today that are just plain wrong.  We believe that if enough people found out about some of these things, they would come to an end.  So I guess if you want to look at our songs as (hopefully) catchy toe tappers, we think that’s great.  And if you want to look for deeper meanings, we want you to have plenty to find.

When you decide you’re subjects which are usually quite heavy and deep, what’s inside your head, what are you thinking?


Usually we read or see something that pisses us off.  Like a cop throwing a grenade into a baby’s crib.  Or something that makes us smile, like the catchy silliness of Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘The Zoo’.  I mean, when you go to the zoo do you make fun of the animals enslaved there?  We don’t, but we love the genius of their songwriting.  There’s a strange duality there that’s hard to talk about.  But it’s interesting.  We like songs that grab our attention.  Catchy songs.  You know how, in general, Europeans do not expect happy endings to their movies and Americans do?  Well maybe in a way we’re trying to make songs that have both.

As one of the most rebel activists in the history of music and on this planet how do you think your messages will help the world?


We hope a lot of people will listen to and like the songs.  If that happens we believe many will agree with us and hopefully that will lead to change.  There was a time when we didn’t think a lot about the fact that there are American military bases in over 100 countries and territories, for example.  Then someone brought it up and we sat down and thought about it.  No other country does that.  Why?  Why do we?  Because we are more moral?  We’re better?  We didn’t question things then, but we do now.  That is the result of someone with guts sitting down and telling us about it.  That’s what we hope to do.

Do you think people are very shocked if they listen to your fabulous music, even dance to it, and then realize what it’s really about?


We aren’t trying to shock people, but maybe people need to be shocked.  We were shocked when we heard an old man in Florida was murdered on his front lawn by police.  He was sick of dealers selling drugs on his property, so when two undercover cops posing as drug dealers trespassed on his land he came out of his house with an unloaded old rifle.  They promptly murdered him there and then.  I don’t know if we just didn’t believe stories like that or we didn’t want to believe.  But facts are facts.  How can we prevent that from happening again if we don’t even talk about it?  How can change happen when people don’t even know there is something that needs changing.  One reason we picked Cheye Calvo as an example of the immorality of ‘no knock’ warrants is he is an upper middle class white guy.  He was the mayor for crying out loud.  So if that happened to him, what is going on in our nation’s poorer neighborhoods?  The inner cities?  Cheye Calvo has a voice but the poor and disenfranchised often don’t.  So let’s not end ‘no knock’ police attacks because of Cheye Calvo, as evil and despicable as the crimes against his family were.  Let’s end them for the countless and unknowable masses of crimes that  must be happening to poor people all over the country every day.  People who can’t call a news conference.  People who have no voice.


Follow American High on Twitter @AmericanHigh1


For more information on American High check out their website


Stream Cheye Calvo by American High on Reverbnation

Or on Soundcloud

Interview by Rock Star Journalist Eileen Shapiro

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Ricky Rebel: Profile of a Rising Star


Immersed amongst the depths of the boy band world of “No Authority”, the lead singer then known as Ricky G began his music career.  Immediately signed to Madonna’s record label, the band toured with Brittney Spears where Ricky and the Mickey Mouse Show starlet became fast and furious friends. At around the same time Ricky also befriended Michael Jackson, and actually danced with him.

Fast forward several years, Ricky, now known as “Ricky Rebel” has his own musical agenda. As a solo artist with a unique twist, Ricky has become an internationally acclaimed artist. Having recently returned from a super successful U.K. tour in support of his  latest album, “The New Alpha”, where his hit single “If You Where My Baby” charted on Billboard’s top 40, Ricky is ready for anything now.

I’ve watched his music sensibility churn in various directions with each new release, including: “The Blue Album” to “Manipulator” to “The New Alpha”, however his integrity, fearlessness, and  professional creativeness  remain constant. Thinking way beyond out of the box is something Ricky is a natural at. His ideas and thoughts come to him as a revelation, and his organic sense of the world seem to be contagiously relevant. If Ricky never wrote or sang a song, he would still be a superstar.

Aside from the California based Glam rocker’s musical endeavors, he is also a star-quality top model who has walked for the likes of Stevie Boi, (celebrity designer to the Stars ), has been in the running for the Olympics, and has been a part of the Fashion Police for US Entertainment Weekly. He has walked thousands of Red Carpets, has been done various benefits for the LGBT community, and teenage cancer as well. He’s appeared in numerous Prides, and has recently done a project with the son of the Hurdie Gurdie man himself Donovan Leitch.

One can only guess what’s next for this rising star…. perhaps some more re-inventing Glam Rock, and definitely his own record label…..”Rebel Mafia Records”…. Keep a watchful on Ricky Rebel, as there are big things soon to come.


Ricky Rebel Official



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Paisley Fields: “Glitter and Sawdust”

Queer country at its best is audaciously represented by recording stars, Paisley Fields, a Brooklyn based country and western band headed by front man James Wilson. About to drop their newest album, entitled “Glitter and Sawdust”, this band has created a strong buzz in the country music industry.


James Wilson not only sings and writes country music, and is a multi-instrumentalist, but is also the pianist at Uncle Charlie’s and The Monster Bar in New York City, where he provides an entrancing sing along several nights a week.


I spoke with James and found him to be an incredibly authentic and genuine person, both creative and fun……


How did you get into country music?


I always grew up around it, I grew up in a one stoplight town in Iowa. I just really love to play it, it comes naturally. I never really felt tied to country music, because I don’t feel tied to any genre really. I think that the song is the boss, and however the song should go that’s the genre it will be. But for now, I really like playing country music, it’s just what I enjoy doing.


You write the songs, correct?


I write the songs, and I also co-write some of them. On this album we have a couple of cover songs, but yes I’m the primary song writer.


What inspires your songs?


Whatever is going on in my life is really what inspires my songs. I just sit down, I’ll start playing with a melody, then play with some chord progressions, and sort of see what comes out. I sort of let the song lead and it writes itself, and I just really get out of the way and become a conduit for it.

What was it like growing up in a small town in Iowa?


Growing up in Iowa, it was good but I had to be cautious because being gay from a very small town…. I’m still very close with my best friend. We were talking the other day about high school, and  I said, “I was such a nerd in high school”. And she said, “No you weren’t a nerd, you were just gay”. I was like an outsider because I was different from everyone, but I was lucky to have a little group of weirdos around me as friends.


If you could have your ultimate stage fantasy, what would you need to happen?


My ultimate stage fantasy would be a huge show like in Madison Square Garden. I like to dream big but I’d love to do a really big show with a grand piano, and have a big production. It would be so much fun. But, I’m happy playing in small pubs for anybody, I just love performing… anywhere.


How many members are there in the band?


So it depends on the show. When we tour we can tour as a trio, or a quartet. On the album we had about nine people recording. It varies.


So you play piano at The Monster? When?


I play at The Monster Thursday happy hour, and Friday and Sunday, late night. We get a really a fun crowd. I sing with them.


Have you actually toured outside New York?


Yeah, we toured quite a bit. Last year we played Lexington pride, and the year before that we did a pride tour so we played Nashville, Louisville, we toured the south quite a bit. We also toured through the Midwest and will be doing the West Coast in May this year.


What do you enjoy most about playing live?


I would say that the thing I like best is really connecting with an audience. When everybody is really engaged, and you are sharing the energy, it’s sort of like a group effort, and the audience gives back as much as you give out. When they really engaged that’s the most fun.


Where did you get the name Paisley Fields?


I got it from the conversation I had with one of my friends. We were trying to come up with the name and she lives in Minneapolis and Paisley Park is there, and I love Prince. So she suggested Paisley Fields. I thought that actually really fit.


If you could say anything to your fans and followers, what would you say?


I would say just be you. Don’t worry about what other people think or say. The best thing you could be is yourself and love yourself.


Is there anything that you want to tell me that we haven’t spoke about?


Our new album is coming out and we’re really excited. Do you know who Eric Bazilian is from The Hooters?


Omg of course.


We’re covering a song that he wrote called “Where Do the Children Go?” on the album. I actually had the good fortune of meeting Eric about a year ago and we became friends and started working together. So he’s playing mandolin on that. I thought that was really cool. I really look up to him as an artist. So that will be coming out in the Spring. It’s a full-length album and we have a single coming out later this month called “The Door”. The Album is called “Glitter and Sawdust”. We just finished recording the video with Mikhail Torch. There’s a Iot of glitter. We need a lot of glitter.


I love that title..there’s nothing more fun than glitter, and lots of it.


We also have a residency at “Hanks Saloon” in Brooklyn on Sundays in March. We will be playing there every Sunday in March from 6 to 8. It’s one of my favorite places and they are closing. I said ” We’ve got to get in before they close”, and then they offered us a residency.




Written by Rock Star Journalist Eileen Shapiro


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Ghostly Beard “In The End It’s The Music That’s Important To Me”

Like a passionate anomaly, Ghostly Beard creates sensitive lyrics while maintaining a wish to help other Indie artist in their creative endeavors. The brainchild of Patrick Talbot,  Ghostly Beard remains an artist garbed in mystique and mystery, unknown by sight to the world in hopes that knowing his music without prejudice of identity will prove a powerful experience in the enjoyment of his artistry.

His full sounding, finely produced, jazzy melodies are inflamed with an array of vibrant tones, and his lyrics are embodied with fragile and relevant topics. His newest single, “The Love In Your Eyes”, set to be released February 2, is a prelude to his thoughtful album, “Inward”. An album very personal and close to his heart, he promises to introduce melodic rhythms, compelling hooks and opulent lyrics. His captivating sexy jazzy sonic revelations draw the listener in, leaving them highly addicted to his effervescence.

I was privileged enough to speak with Ghostly Beard referencing his philosophies, musical reasoning, his future endeavors and some surprising conversation. I found him to be well spoken, sonically elegant, destined to create, and a really nice person….


So no one in the music world including fans and followers have seen your face……

Not showing my face is doing me more service than anything. It wasn’t really meant to be that way at first, but it started out like this and people have been playing the game. There are people actively trying to find a picture of me on the internet, and they won’t find it but it’s kind of fun. I’m having fun with it. Perhaps it’s a little bit difficult to promote myself in some ways because some people expect to have my face on my website or on articles, and stuff like that. In the end it’s my message. It’s about saying just forget the face, forget the image, just listen to the music. I hope that people will do that.

That’s actually a good message

At first it was about thinking that I don’t really fancy putting my face on my website and things like that. I found this really cool icon with the logo that I’m using. It looks like a beard, it looks like a mask, like a ghost, like anything you want basically. I thought that’s cool, I can use that. So I started using that and putting all sorts of images of shadows on my website… because that’s what I am. I’m an indie musician, and no one knows about me, and I’m basically invisible. I’m invisible in the grand scheme of the music business. I thought maybe some people will be curious enough to check out what I do.


If I show myself suddenly the mystery is gone. I like that there is some mystery. It’s always disappointing when the mystery is gone and you finally get to see what’s behind it. It’s always disappointing. So I don’t want to disappoint people, so I won’t show my face.

So where is your accent from?

I’m French. I’m actually from France. I live in Montreal now. I migrated about 12 years ago, but I’m really from the south of France. I’m from a little town on the French Riviera. It’s near the Italian border, as a matter fact you can walk to the border. That’s where I was living most of my life. I think Montreal is a cool place because it’s kind of a blend between European culture and the North American culture. I like that. It’s bilingual as well and they are very much into multiculturalism. I’m French, but I’m from Italian descent, I married a British woman and we adopted a child from China. I like being multicultural without being open to the world, and Canada is a great place for this. You live in New York, right?

I do.

Apparently when they film movies a lot of them are done here because it’s cheaper and it looks a lot like Brooklyn or the Bronx. Some of the places here look a lot like that. They do a lot of American production here.

Let’s talk about your new single.

The new single is called “The Love in Your Eyes”. That’s the second song on the album. It’s a special one for me. It’s called “The Love in Your Eyes”, and you could think that it’s a love song. It is a love song in a way because it’s dedicated to my mother. I live here in Canada but all of my family is still in France. So I go back to visit from time to time. The last time I visited, it was in 2012 I think, my mother was in a retirement home and she was suffering from dementia. When I came to visit her she didn’t really recognize me, she didn’t recognize my daughter and it was really hard for me because when I left I knew that it would be the last time I would ever see her. So when I came back to Canada it was really hard, and a few months later she died. So that song is really for her and it’s basically how I couldn’t see the love in her eyes anymore, and that really affected me.

Awww, that is really very sad. 

You can understand this song as a different kind of love song, but that’s the real story behind it. I’m old enough not to be writing songs about first love, so I write songs about what I experience at my age, which is some sad stuff. There is some good stuff as well. So it’s all part of life. That’s what I write about, that’s what I love. I like that songs can have many meanings depending on how you perceive it. That’s what makes music great.

When did you become a musician and decide upon a musical career?

I suppose it started when I was eight years old. My parents were into classical music and into musicals as well. I grew up to know all about musicals and I was a big fan of “The Sound of Music”. I was in love with Julie Andrews, and I still am. I was listening to that kind of thing, but I have older brothers as well. They were listening to rock music of the time, The Beatles, the Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and all those bands. The first thing they made me listen to was, “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin. I remember it was very vivid.

From “The Sound of Music”,  to this was quite a shock really. It really opened my mind to everything that was out there. And I still think that the music that I do now is somewhere between “The Sound of Music” and rock. I have a broad range of things. By the age of 14 I started playing guitar. My brother was in a rock band and I  got the bug. I was sneaking into his room and started playing his guitar. I learned from all kinds of methods and I was really interested in the sound and the recording. I was interested in the records as opposed to the performing part of music. I was interested in how they make the sounds and what happens in the studio, and that kind of magic. I was really fascinated by that. My goal was to be a sessions musician. I wanted to be a studio musician more than anything so I learned every kind of style. I learned every kind of genre I could put my hands on. I started learning fingerpicking and jazz, all kinds of jazz. I was learning from books and tapes and cassettes. I really wanted to do that and I was doing nothing but that. I did about 8 to 10 years of practicing. So I was getting quite good, but I didn’t really have any opportunities in the south of France. There was nothing happening no real studio work. I should’ve gone to Paris but my parents weren’t really having any of that. So I ended up doing other things. I went into computer engineering because I was interested in the synthesizers. That’s why it was interesting to me, to know about computers. So you could program synthesizers and that was great. I was really doing a lot of recording from that period.

Technically it was good, I could basically play anything. Up until the age of 30 when I stopped doing music I was capable of doing everything. I married at the age of 30 and we had some rough times. I lost my father, and my wife lost her parents roughly at the same time. We lost our jobs. Then she had ovarian cancer so she couldn’t have children and we started doing the process to adopt a child. So we adopted a child in China and that wasn’t that easy. Then we moved to Canada to find a place that was socially better, and find a job as well.


So for roughly 15 years I didn’t touch an instrument. I didn’t have the drive anymore and I didn’t have the energy. It was still in the back of my mind, it has always been. I was still listening to music and I was thinking that one day I would get back to it. It took that amount of time to get back to it. It was only about since 2011/12 that I finally got stable enough here to make myself a home studio and start recording again. One thing that is important to me is that basically through all that time I lost my technique. I kind of played the way I was playing when I was 14. But at the same time as much as I’ve lost a lot of technique, I actually gained a lot of insight on how to write music and how to arrange music. I am more into simple things. I was very much into jazz fusion and jazz rock and progressive rock, and things that were quite complex. But it was all showing off basically. It was showing off techniques and it was not from the heart and soul.

When I came back to it I was much more limited technically but at the same time I thought of trying to reach deeper into the writing I do, reach into writing more thoughtful, trying to find the right notes at the right time, and discover the best sound. So this is what I’m doing now. At the same time each note is coming from somewhere. It’s not just there because it can be. It’s there because it means something. This is the kind of maturity that I gained from perhaps not having played for that long, and coming back to it from a different perspective. I’m old enough now to see it as a gain more than a loss. I’m quite happy with what I’m recording now. I know that I can record anything that I want, and that’s what is important to me. So there you have it…

Is your current soon to be released your first attempt?

No it’s actually my third one. I released the first EP in June. Then I released an album in October, and this is going to be my second album and my third release. This is one I’ve actually always wanted to release. The first one was very much progressive rock oriented. The second was jazz, because I wanted to show that it’s in my background.

I detect a lot of jazz within your music.

Yeah there is a lot of jazz in my music because it’s part of my background. It’s music that I have been listening to and playing for years. I can’t play just a simple major chord. There is something missing from me. Not that it sounds bad, it just sounds like it’s missing something, so I need to add that 7th or that 9th. I need to have that because it makes it sound richer, so yeah there’s a bit of jazz in everything I do. Even though it’s not jazz, people who are jazz purists are not going to like it. Coming from all these years of listening to various things,  I can’t say I’m into hip-hop or rap, it’s not my thing. It’s too new for me. I love indie music because there is so much variety. Every day I’m listening to something new and it gives me a new perspective. I love that.

Do you have a song that is perhaps your favorite or that you’re most proud of?

I think the first one in the album. It’s called, “How Does It Feel”. It’s really what I’m saying. I’m invisible, and that’s what I am basically. But at the same time I think it’s deep enough yet accessible enough. I don’t want to go into too much complicated music anymore. I know that a lot of people are into progressive rock. It doesn’t matter. I like music that has some depth, but also something that has some kind of immediacy. I think in this, I’ve managed to do that. It’s a simple song but it builds to the kind of sound that I like. It is really quite warm and I really made it so that it sounds like more of the 70s music than perhaps some of the music of today. My target listeners are people my age. It’s people who have some background from the 70s to the 90s and all of that music. Not everyone will like it. My daughter who is 16 likes it, but it’s because she’s my daughter. She is listening to all sorts of pop music. Some of that is great, but some I listen to and feel I’ve heard it 1000 times.

Is your daughter musical?

Yeah, she’s a big Broadway fan and loves it  whenever we can we come to New York and go to musicals. That’s what we love to do. She’s been in dance class since she’s four and lately she’s been taking singing lessons and done theatre as well. But we will see how it goes. I want to support her because I’m all for the performing arts. It’s a great life, and if you can manage to live from it, it’s great. I want her to pursue her dream. The most important thing in your life is to do what you love.

So how many songs will there be on the album?

There are 10 songs. The first recording was called “Infinite”, the second one was called “Invisible”, and this one is more personal so it’s called,  “Inward”.

What inspires your song writing and what method do you use to write?

Usually it’s music first. A melody or a cord  progression, whether with  guitar or keyboard. Something that is really simple but that I think can grow. Something that has some depth. When I get that I will record that and listen to it. I will live with it for a few weeks. I will see if it sticks or not. If it sticks then usually I will add some new ideas on it, some counterpoints. So it can take quite a while from that idea to have something that I think is worth recording. I do everything myself. The only thing I don’t actually play is drums but I record all the patterns on my computer. I will try any kind of sound….I’ll try anything but the kitchen sink.  Sometimes even the kitchen sink. Then I’ll start mixing and mastering. I’ve learned a lot about mixing and mastering. I’ve bought a computer and everything I could to record. I learned from listening and critiquing others. It helped me learn to define the kind of sound I like and how to get that sound. More and more I was able to find my likes and dislikes in the arrangement and the production, and find my own style. I’m not a very experienced audio engineer but I know enough to get to the sound I want.

Is there anything that we haven’t covered that you’d like to add?

I need to tell you what my goal is. It might sound a little bit weird. I never show my face, and I think that I’m not going to get famous or earn a lot of money from this. Basically it’s not my aim and I don’t gig as well. I’d have to put a covering over me and then play all of the instruments at once. It would be very difficult. It’s never been my thing, playing on stage. What I want is somehow to get recognized as an artist and producer and also somebody that can help other indie artists. I follow a lot of indie artists and I try to help them as well and promote them. I like it and sometimes I hear things, like a good song but the sound is shit. I would love to be able to help them in the production and in the promotion as well. I’m all for trying to promote other artists. So somehow this is what I’d like: to be recognized  as someone who can help the artists get a better sound and to get out there basically.  That’s my goal. Of course I I want to share my music, but in the end it’s not about me. What I am is not important. In the end it’s the music that is important to me.


Interview by Rock Star Journalist Eileen Shapiro




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