Musik and Film – Empowering the Artist


”Working with Musik and Film Radio Promotions has been glorious. Because of built-in relationships with thousands of radio stations worldwide, it has enabled me to chart both nationally and internationally amongst major label artists.” -Madlyn

That is what just one artist has to say about Musik and Film, a full-service Radio Promotions company and record label with Distribution, and a number-of other services which can be found at their site which makes up a great business card, especially once you see who’s on the team and what they do. You will find that this is no small-time assembly of music professionals.


The work of Stephen Wrench, Rhonda Houston, Robyn Robins, Terry Nails, Wayne Killius and Jey Mayberry come together from a long line of experience in all fields from production and publicity to A&R AND most importantly distribution services. It takes an army to do all these things and they seem to have all bases covered, including a radio promotion show with a playlist and testimonials on their huge website. They make sure the artist goes in the direction they seek by providing so much in one company that’s capable of connecting all the important dots and keep them connected for the better.


“As a non major label, you do not have access and direct links to major national radio fm stations and other options for promotion and without promotion no one will be aware about the artist.I have tried most of the different services and companies offering for airplay promotion with different costs which are more or less expensive and they have been mostly a disappointment with very limited results or limited amount of stations to be reached. It is of course crucial that the material have a potential.

“I have used Musik and Film service for 3 of my artist and the outcome is way above my expectations and the amount of countries that have downloaded the songs.I was counting to maybe have a couple of hundred stations but it is over 10,000 stations including syndicated radio and fex BBC in the US. Film and music is the only one that delivers a result. If you need airplay, use Musik and Film Radio Promotions.” Roland Billberg (CEO, Billberg Entertainmnet Ltd)


They also provide such up to date artist news as: Musik and Film Productions Present S3 EP32 Euro Indie Music Chart Top 20 Countdown Show as a running headline for their Radio Promotion show hosted by Jey Mayberry and company president Steve Wrench, just top provide more examples in this review. Not being an artist, I still find it useful for all things concerning the indie music world, it’s more than just a service that way, check their website and see all there is to see, because it’s the best way to find out what they’re up to on a daily-basis. It will become a go-to for all your music industry needs, even if you’re not a musician you can refer them to anyone looking for their services. More of what artists have to say


Clay Burton