Nate DiRuzza’s “I and You” – A Revival of Soft Rock’s “Sway Groove” SubGenre

Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Colbie Callait—all feel-good artists known for carrying their laid back beach vibes onto every track. They owned the spotlight in the 2005-2015 era, revered for carrying a certain easy listening acoustic sound that hasn’t quite been pin-pointed— until now. The sub-genre “Sway Groove” is not only carried on but made fresh by singer/songwriter Nate DiRuzza.

His newest single, “I and You” boasts the simple yet clever lyrics: “Won’t you put your love between I and You?” Accompanied by a groovy, oceanside rhythm, DiRuzza calls it, “fun and uplifting, and I feel like the whole world can relate to it…every one eventually wants to put the love between I and you with someone.” Not only is “I and You” a new take on the warm summer feelings of the early 2010’s, it’s also a heartfelt appeal to the universal desire to be loved. Easy to dance to and hard to get out of your head, Nate DiRuzza gives us the first chapter of his creative story in “I and You”. The second chapter, “Madness,” is set to release June 9.

Check out Nate DiRuzza’s live video for”I and You”:

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