Neon Dreams release stellar album ‘The Happiness of Tomorrow’

Neon Dreams, the duo tackling mental health issues through indie pop anthems, are back with a full length album – the exquisitely crafted ‘The Happiness of Tomorrow’.

Despite 2020 being what it is and lockdown shaking the foundations of the world, this fantastic band were able to pull it together during quarantine, and it is even during quarantine where the title track was conceived.

“This album wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t go into quarantine,” Kadillac (lead singer and lyricist) admits. “I wouldn’t have had time to watch the movies or think about the thoughts that influenced it. I’m not happy all this happened, but I’m happy I had the time to think about my life and where I come from.”

Putting a positive spin on negative experiences is something this band does throughout the album’s runtime, with Kadillac often drawing on from his own troubled experiences of bullying, struggles to find identity and more during his adolescence. ‘Sick of Feeling Useless’ and ‘House Party’ are standouts of this seven-song collection, pairing the upbeat and the melancholy, heartfelt lyrics and a drive to party on and have fun despite it all.

Overall, this is an impressive release from the Canadian duo, fast making a name for themselves as a quintessential Gen-Z pop act to look out for.