“Never Go With Your Gut” by Gleb Tsipursky

Never Go with Your Gut: How Pioneering Leaders Make the Best Decisions and Avoid Business Disasters isn’t Gleb Tsipursky’s first book and his experience shows. The structure of his new book is airtight and progressive; his materials are well assembled and purpose made clear. You can tell Tsipursky put considerable thought into how the material unfolds for the reader, its order, chapter titles, layout, and so on. These are not decisions you come to on your “gut instincts”. They are decisions you arrive at as a result of your experience with the form, consideration for its audience, and techniques as a writer and public speaker allowing you to maintain a reader or listener’s attention. His latest publication explores the benefits of sound thought processes driving your decisions as opposed to those derived from acting on intuition of some gastrointestinal variety. A single reading reveals why Tsipursky is among the most sought after public speakers and consultants available in the area of Disaster Avoidance.

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His firm Disaster Avoidance Experts is a boutique operation serving some top flight corporate names like IBM, Aflac, Honda, and Wells Fargo, among others. Never Trust Your Gut could suffice as a creational text for the company as it drives head on into the crux of their business, aiding leaders adopt productive methods for their decision making rather than embracing ruses, and grapples with what separates two schools of thought. The first is that using our best thinking to make decisions, i.e. collecting as much information as we can, considering our consequences, and weighing our options, invariably produces healthier results than allowing decisions to be made from a place of brash intuition, a “gut feeling” for the right course of action.

His approach towards the reader isn’t geared to overwhelming any resistance with his reason alone. Tsipursky backs up his writing with a number of outside references and the understated academic tone of the book gives it added persuasive power. I think the examples of his systemic style of thought in some of the book’s brief lists illustrates for readers the way forward he advocates. Some have a natural gift for this, but Tsipursky believes anyone can learn. This openness is another core strength for the work.

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Gleb Tsipursky’s Never Go with Your Gut: How Pioneering Leaders Make the Best Decisions and Avoid Business Disasters contains rare energy for a book of its type. There’s no question in my mind Tsipursky is far removed from staid and stuffed shirt counterparts and his “seize the day” sensibilities will charge up all but the most sedate of readers. He certainly has a talent for enlisting sympathy for his cause; it helps, however, in no smart measure that he’s backing a sensible point of view for many. Some may be alarmed we need a book to point such things out to us at all. Tsipursky, however, gives us a timeless take on the subject that further highlights his talents as a motivational and forward thinker in the business world and elsewhere.

Clay Burton