New EP The World in Front of Me from Irene Conti to be released October  30th 

New EP The World in Front of Me from Irene Conti to be released October  30th 

From the opening notes it is clear that there is something different and  unexpected about Irene Conti’s new EP, The World in Front of Me: the sound  of a sage cello, the passion of the violin and Conti’s deep voice blend to  create a sound that is both powerful and delicate and that, in its apparent  simplicity, is so beautiful it glows.

Known as a singer, songwriter, and classical guitarist, after releasing two singles in 2018, Irene Conti goes deeper, showing us something more about herself with her new album, The World in Front of Me. “It’s about me, who I am and what I see around me,” says Conti, “it’s about believing in new worlds that exist inside our minds, worrying too much about everything, people being acting like sharks and so much more”. With a vision to create a heartfelt record true to herself, Conti enlisted BBC Folk Award winner Ben Walker to arrange and produce the EP.

With the recording complete, Conti wanted the artwork to represent the melancholy, hope, and disillusionment of her imagination. This is why we see a  black and white, blurred image of Conti. Her smile lives inside a dream and behind a veil of disenchantment.

This spring Irene Conti and her trio will be embarking on a European tour performing the EP in its entirety as well as a selection of hits from Conti’s previous works.

You can pre-order The World in Front of Me on Apple Music or Amazon here:

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