New Islington Music Venue Celebrates Opening with Kate Lomas

New Islington Music Venue Celebrates Opening with Kate Lomas

You probably haven’t heard of The Grace. That’s okay though because it opened less than a month ago. And to celebrate its grand opening, hotly-tipped popstar Kate Lomas was one of the first artists to perform to a packed room of people at this exciting new venue last night.

Kate Lomas is the perfect choice for this, of course. She’s racked up an impressive range of performances this year alone, including but not limited to the world-renowned Glastonbury festival this summer. She’s also been featured in a whole host of playlists, such as Spotify’s New Pop Revolution and most recently, #BTTVMusic.

Watching her perform on The Grace’s stage last night, it’s not difficult to see why.

She commands the stage in her baby pink overalls and hi-top trainers, bouncing off the walls with energy and charm. Her songs are all dreamy pop hits with a vintage feel – think Lana del Rey but for dancing instead of crying. And dance she does. Self-proclaiming that she “is not a dancer” during a short break, the nevertheless out-of-breath Lomas might want to reconsider her statement. She moves as if there is nothing else she would rather be doing at that moment and nowhere else she would rather be.

A fitting state of being for the songstress whose latest hit, ‘Happy Like This’ is the ultimate ode to living in the moment – “we are happy like this, never gonna look back” she sings into the crowd, and the crowd yells the lyrics back. It’s a moment that couldn’t be falsified, a moment where everyone in the room knows exactly what they are there for. We join Kate in preaching her message to the world, and it’s one of love and fun. Oh, and lots of dancing.

Watch the effortlessly cool video for ‘Happy Like This’ down below:

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