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New Music Video by The J.O.B. Croons About Delusive Love on Valentines Day

New Music Video by The J.O.B. Croons About Delusive Love on Valentines Day

The J.O.B. Croon That Love Can Be Delusive in Music Video for “Unknown Call”

February 14, 2019 – Richmond rockers The J.O.B. released their most recent LP Highway of Shadows on November 9th. Song number 8, Unknown Call will be the 3rd track from this new album turned into a music video. Unlike the first two music videos that were centered around live performances, this video project takes the form of a short indie film with actors, location shots, and exotic cinematic effects creating a dramatically enticing portrayal of the song’s story.

Unknown Call is a modern cautionary tale of a lost love unexpectedly rekindled by a random cell phone call. The music video was directed and produced by The J.O.B.’s bassist, Jared Merrill.

“It started out as an idea for a lyric video,” said Jared. “New ideas kept coming to me and I realized it was going to have to be much more.” As the project became a production, Jared enlisted others. “I was able to round up a couple of my actor friends.” The filming took them to locations all over Richmond, including the historic neighborhood of 19th century author & poet Edgar Allan Poe and the streets that inspired much of his famous prose. The diverse city-scape provided a delightfully eclectic backdrop for Merrill’s production to unfold.

When asked what story the song and video are trying to tell, Merrill responded with one of the song’s lyrics, “A second chance at lost romance, a hope for love… but, there’s no turning back for love.”

Released for Valentines Day, Unknown Call is a perfect anti-Valentine for those folks with battle scars from the true love they have misplaced along the way.

To watch the Unknown Call music video: Click here! >>

Fueled by the sheer power of human connection, The J.O.B. began in between Jim O’Ferrell’s deployments from the war in Iraq while searching for a lead guitarist to play his music. The lineup came to be with Jason Crawford on guitar, Eric Bandy on drums, and bassist Jared Merrill filling out the final vocal layer. The love of music and performing is the catalyst that connected four people from four entirely different walks of life to create something honest and passionate. The J.O.B. are storytellers, taking authentic human experiences and reflecting them like a mirror onto their audience. Giving a voice to those that may have buried their own somewhere deep inside, their music is a true companion that makes people’s emotions relevant and meaningful. Every face in the crowd is an individual opportunity to form a bond. Performing live is where the rubber meets the road, and The J.O.B. travel at full speed while also taking time to appreciate every stop along the way.

About The J.O.B.
The J.O.B. was founded by Jim O’Ferrell and Jason Crawford in 2007 in between O’Ferrell’s deployments to Iraq. Putting all of their energy into the music in the short time given, the two recorded an EP, Stranger, in two days. Drummer Eric Bandy joined the band in 2014, and in 2016, the band discovered bassist Jared Merrill. The J.O.B. achieved Top 40 ranking for three previous records on FMQB spin charts. Their newest album, Highway of Shadows was produced by Rich Stine (Head & the Heart), and was released on November 9, 2018. Highway of Shadows was selected as 1 of the “50 Best Richmond Records of 2018” by The Auricular.

The J.O.B.: Official Band Website

Official website of Virginia’s ‘Top 40’ Charting Independent Recording Artist ‘The J.O.B.’. News, biography, discography, audio/video, tour dates, store, etc.


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