NJ Rock Band HARVEST FALLS debuts Video, Single, Charity Drive for new song “MOMENT OF CONSEQUENCE”

NJ Rock Band HARVEST FALLS debuts Video, Single, Charity Drive for new song “MOMENT OF CONSEQUENCE”

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NJ Rockers HARVEST FALLS will debut their first music video and single in three years, entitled “MOMENT OF CONSEQUENCE”, on Wednesday, August 21, 2019.
The song represents a subject matter torn from today’s headlines: gun violence targeting youth in schools. With the release of the single, the band hopes to shine an alternative voice focused directly on the feelings of hopelessness and despair anyone with a heart encounters when learning of yet another tragedy.

Directed by Alphie Aguilar, a musician himself, the video is a frantic interplay between the band’s performance and news video reflecting the grim subject matter. The song and video feature the debut of new bass player STEPHEN “STV” PACZKOWSKI to the band’s lineup as well.

In support of this movement, HARVEST FALLS is asking for donations to be sent directly to MARCH FOR OUR LIVES, at our site www.facebook.com/harvestfalls. For more information, please see www.facebook.com/marchforourlives/.

The song is available for download at iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, CDBaby, and other online retailers. The music video can be viewed directly at www.youtube.com/watch?v=moX-XrIldCA.

Please email harvestfallsband@gmail.com for band information or the following social media outlets:
Instagram: @harvestfallsband
Twitter: @harvestfalls
Facebook: facebook.com/harvestfalls
Alphie Aguilar can be reached for Music Video Projects at Instagram: @thesexyangelpiratebaby / @violentislandofficial

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