North Carolina’s Davy Williamson Releases Solo Debut Single

Thin Disguise’ is the latest single from American Hard Rock singer-songwriter, Davy Williamson.

Self-composed, written and arranged, Davy’s musicianship is put up on display in the emotive, yet angst-fueled rock track, “Thin Disguise”. The groove pulses forward, with a push-and-pull feel drenched in the tension of Davy’s morose yet bittersweet lyrics.

The track sees Shawn Adkins (Back A Round Records) and Steve Hardy on recording and mix duties, alongside Andy Vandette doing the mastering. The track serves as the debut single from his full-length EP, which is scheduled for release next month.

ABOUT DAVY WILLIAMSON: Angst fueled themes around broken homes, struggles with relationships, loss of friends and betrayal, American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Davy Williamson sets out to battle his own demons, while helping others along the way. The North Carolina-based musician cut his teeth in the Indie Rock band, Third Class Passenger, and Punk Rock group, Ma-Shot-Pa, and is now setting off to launch his solo career as a Hard Rock artist.

Davy Williamson has recently released his debut single, ‘Thin Disguise’. Further release details of his full-length debut EP to come soon.

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Get ready to rock, because Davy Williamson’s new single ‘Thin Disguise’ is about to send you into an all-out listening frenzy. Starting with unmistakably roaring guitars, Williamson’s vocal performance perfectly complements the song’s rebellious and emotional tone.

Davy Williamson

Johnnie David Williamson lll (born March 24, 1979) is an American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He is known by the stage name, Davy Williamson. Prior to his current project he was the lead singer of the North Carolina modern rock musical band, Third Class Passenger.

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