Notadist:Free Digital Music Distribution for independent artists.

Notadist:Free Digital Music Distribution for independent artists.

‘NotaDist’ is a digital music distribution platform that make it possible for independent artists and labels to get music into the online streaming and purchasing space. ‘NotaDist’ can get music onto services such as Google Play, Amazon, iTunes and much more without having to go through the traditional process in order to accelerate capabilities.

The new service is dedicated to emerging artists with the aim of supporting them in their growth with their musical career.

In the free version of the service the same features of the paid version are included, only in the free version the artist does not have to pay any initial cost but only a percentage of revenues 15%.

Everyone can apply free music distribution, but there are parameters that are taken into consideration before being able to access the service as; quality of the song, musical genre, language, online presence of the artist, possibility of growth and much more.

Not all requests are accepted, only a small part that is considered valid, obtaining access to the platform + promotion service + dedicated support with advice.

NotaDist was born as a paid music distribution service with the all-inclusive formula that includes not only music distribution but other additional services without any additional cost for the artist.

Notadist:Free Digital Music Distribution for independent artists and record labels

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