Nu-Metal Band DisasterTheory Vows October Royalties to St. Jude

The Nu-Metal band DisasterTheory has made an announcement, while donning pink t-shirts, that they will be donating all of their stream royalties for the month of October 2021 to St. Jude hospital for cancer research.

“We want to be able to give to an incredibly important cause. Cancer doesn’t just plague adults. It also strike the most vulnerable of us all, the children. As independent artists, it can be difficult for us to simply donate a significant amount to an organization like St. Jude. So we decided to leverage our fans to help us raise the money.” said singer Mark Thomas.

The band states that all their fans have to do is play their music on Spotify and share the music with their friends. “Artists typically make a fraction of a cent for streams. it would be an overwhelming request to ask our fans to stream our music enough to make a significant dent. So we are asking them to also share the music so that others will hopefully participate.”

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DisasterTheory – Official Website

The official website of the nu metal band DisasterTheory. DisasterTheory features hits such as Thread, Over Now, Enemy In Me and more.