‘On My Mind’: bringing emotions to the dancefloor

We all know it’s only the most on-the-pulse artists who are reviving the ‘80s right now. Dua Lipa, Jessie Ware, and now, VISSIA are bringing back those sweet synth-pop anthems, and ‘On My Mind’ is the latest ode to the disco beats of yesteryear.

Of the track, VISSIA says that it’s “about being in the moment with somebody special and appreciating all of them – mind, body, and soul – right here, right now, just as they are. There is no past. There is no future. There is only the eye-locking, breathtaking, sexy, sweaty, fun, beautiful, uncomplicated now.”

Finding the beautiful, uncomplicated now is a talent that VISSIA possesses in spades, translating tiny and poignant moments from the human experience into relatable and catchy songs. Whilst ‘Walk Me Home’ and ‘About Moving On’ dealt with vulnerability and heartbreak, ‘On My Mind’ is about blissful joy and the feeling of dancing freely without a care in the world.

‘On My Mind’ is released on 15th January 2020.


Capturing the heat and ferocity of the dance floor, [VISSIA] taps into neo-disco beats, creating a heady atmosphere layered with synths and dance floor romance… a body-moving tune laced with deep emotional pleas.” “Whatever the inspiration behind this belter of a song, it is undeniable that VISSIA is a songwriting and performing force to be reckoned with…