Ones to watch in 2021: aliensdontringdoorbells

When it comes to the most exciting new names in pop-rock during the disaster that was 2020, aliensdontringdoorbells is the (bizarre and brilliant) name on everyone’s lips.

Whether it’s the heartfelt, emotive folk-tinged rock of debut single ‘Story’, or the rollicking riffs in the blues influenced ‘Slipping Away’, this band has proven that they have what it takes to really make it into the big time in the new year.

Hopefully they’ll get their chance, with the world beginning to open up in the light of the new vaccine. However, even up against all the difficulties of the pandemic, aliensdontringdoorbells have received praise and support from tastemakers such as Music News, Maverick, and Original Rock.

It’s with a confident gait that these boys will be stepping into the new year, and we simply can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves for us next.